Return of the Tiger

1977 [CHINESE]

Action / Crime

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Paul L. Smith as Paul the Westerner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

An immensely enjoyable piece of chopsocky action junk

Shrewd, suave Chang Wong (a solid and amiable performance by the handsome and charismatic Bruce Li) and his redoubtable female partner (superbly essayed with delicious vigor by the foxy Angela Mao) devise an elaborate scheme to take out a heroin drug ring led by the nefarious Paul (nicely played by the enormous Paul Smith of "Popeye" and "Dune" fame). Moreover, Chang also works for a rival dope-dealing organization in order to further stir things up. Director Jimmy Shaw crams this baby with a handy helping of hugely entertaining good stuff: wall-to-wall fierce and crazy martial arts fights, several groovy nightclub scenes (the funky-chillin' house band is simply amazing!),a couple of brutal garrotings, inspired occasional use of strenuous slow motion, a nonstop speedy pace, a wild free-for-all confrontation between the two criminal factions, and a fantastic rousing climactic showdown between Li and Smith in which Li's graceful physical agility is pitted against Smith's fearsome brute strength. Chou Fu Liang's awesomely gnarly throbbing disco score hits the soulful spot. Chiou Yao-Hwu's reasonably polished cinematography likewise makes the grade. Best of all, the lovely Ms. Mao looks smoking hot in a sparkling silver jumpsuit and beats the living tar out of a teeming volume of guys. What's not to like about this totally fun vintage 70's grindhouse flick?

Reviewed by lastliberal6 / 10

Great Kung Fu action from Bruce Li

That's Bruce Li, not Bruce Lee, who died a few years before this was made.

Bruce Li was tapped to replace Lee. One of his early films was even named Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger, and you will see Bruce Lee's name used in many of his films.

He looks like Lee and fights like Lee, but he is not Lee, he is Li. Got that? The film was very good with Li and Angela Mao teaming to fight a drug operation. Lots of good Kung Fu, and an ending fight that was really spectacular. I don't care how much Kung Fu you know, you are going to have a hard time beating a guy three times your size who is solid as a brick wall. I won't tell you how he did it, but it was used against a similar foe in a Bond film.

Bruce Li is a worthy successor to Bruce Lee.

Reviewed by zillion297 / 10

One of Bruce Li's Best

I'm so sick of people judging these classic kung fu movies by completely ridiculous criteria. So what if the dubbing is bad or the cinematography isn't up to snuff. These were meant as entertainment and should be judged as such. Were you entertained? Yes? Then it's a good movie and shut the f up! This particular movie's got a little bit of everything. Strippers, bad guys who dress like Bing Crosby, Lung Fei's worst hairdo ever, Angela Mao lookin' hot in a metallic jumpsuit, and Bruce Li sporting some major badass swagger. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the fat dude from Robin Williams' Popeye is in it. I won't tell you how he croaks, but let's just say that they don't make 'em like this anymore. And the theme song . . .the theme song ROCKS! I had it stuck in my head for days. If you're a fan of the late 70s / early 80s kung fu genre, then you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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