Resident Evil: Vendetta


Action / Adventure / Animation / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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Karen Strassman Photo
Karen Strassman as Kathy
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Matthew Mercer as Leon S. Kennedy
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Kari Wahlgren as Nadia
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Erin Cahill as Rebecca Chambers
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

CG animated

Chris Redfield and his team are sent to rescue an asset. They find only zombies and nemesis Arias. Meanwhile, scientist Rebecca Chambers is working on a vaccine when she is attacked by zombies. Arias plans to launch the virus by gas tanker trucks in New York City.

The characters are standard but I do like them. The story is a bit jagged. It's the third in the animated series and would serve well with a "previous on" section. The evil plan is a little cartoonish. I'm always struck by how the big bad gets all of his minions to end the world. One hopes that people would stop working for Death Inc after witnessing what they witness or become whistleblowers. That's besides the point. The bigger point is the animation. They may have worked out the hair but the eyes still give it away. There is a lifelessness about them. It's not Polar Express but the eyes look a bit sleepy. They are still not living, breathing performances.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10

Game on

Are you aware and fond of the Resident evil games? The world it created? Maybe even the comic/graphic novels? If so, I am fairly certain you will like this animated effort too. Lots of horror, action and blood for sure. So you know nothing for the faint of hearted.

I have said before I am a bit of a sucker for certain movies. I really dig the way this was made. Are there better rendered CG movies out there? For sure, you can find the animation here less than good. I thought it was quite fine - but I was more engaged by the (cliche) story, with characters I played. So if you have a connection like many others who played the games, you may feel more enamoured by the effort on display here

Reviewed by keikoyoshikawa4 / 10


It's not that bad, but it's not that good either. Lots of cliché moments and sci-fi horror tropes. It is what it is - an average animated movie that is only somewhat interesting if you're a fan of the Resident Evil games.

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