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Reviewed by tkdlifemagazine7 / 10

A Really Good Time

To be fully transparent Renegades caught my attention because of the nostalgic feeling I have over my love of The Six Million Dollar Man television series from the early 1970's. That showed starred legendary, Lee Majors, now 83 years old and prominently featured in this film. I didn't expect much more than a chance to be returned to my youth, but for a brief moment in time, to reminisce about how much that show meant to me.

To my surprise this small film was very enjoyable. I found myself engaged from the first moment and, despite some shortcomings, entertained throughout.

The story is a simple one- A group of retired Special Forces brothers seek to avenge the murder of their commander, who happens to be played by Lee Majors. While their passions are inflamed as they go against a Drug Syndicate, lead by the brutal, Louis Mandylor, the must face the fact that they are no longer youthful, vigorous soldiers. They are aging civilians. This does not deter them from their mission, and thank goodness for that, because these issues really create the strength of the film.

There are elements and influences of other movies here, such as the wildly popular, big budget Expendables movie series. However, this movie understands that it is not a big budget action film with a cast of, albeit past their prime, "A" list action stars. This comfortable sense of self is part of the film's charm. It is not looking to compete with a Blockbuster franchise.

Additionally, I couldn't help but feel the influence of Jesse V. Johnson, one of the great independent action Directors of the modern era. In fact, Mandylor, Michael Pare, and the film's star, Nick Moran, have all had significant roles in Johnson's action films. Additionally, the use of violence and well timed humor all are reminiscent of Johnson's work.

I think the real strength of Renegades is the chemistry of the main characters. Moran, Ian Ogilvy, Billy Murray, and Paul Barber make up the core of the geriatric vigilante band of brothers, that embark on this unlikely mission. They are very believable in their roles, including the action and the violence as it plays out throughout the climax of the film. Most significantly; despite their shortcomings, they are infinitely likable and fun to watch.

As for Louis Mandylor, he can always be expected to bring something compelling to the screen, and he always manages to make every scene he is in fun for the viewer to watch. I enjoyed him in this one very much.

The remainder of the cast, including Patsy Kensit as Majors' daughter, Jeanine Nerissa Sothcott as a Scotland Yard Detective, and Danny Trejo as an intelligence officer contribute nicely to the production.

The film is low budget. This is evident, but not terminal in the fighting and explosive effects, and the minimalism of the sets. However, good movies are about good storytelling and acting and this movie more than makes up for its shortcomings in that regard.

Renegades is good time. I recommend it highly.

Reviewed by stevendbeard5 / 10

B Grade Action Movie

I saw Renegades, starring Nick Moran-the Harry Potter movies, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels; Lee Majors-The Six Million Dollar Man_tv, Clambake; Ian Ogilvy-Death Becomes Her, Wuthering Heights and Louis Mandylor-Rambo: Last Blood, the My Big Fat Greek Wedding movies.

This is a B grade action movie by the Saban studios. They have a tendency of using older actors that you probably haven't seen much of lately. Lee plays a retired Green Beret that goes to meetings with other retired soldiers to talk about their war time experiences and Nick and Ian are two other members of the group. When one of the old timers is killed by a vicious London drug lord, played by Louis, the remaining retirees band together to get vengeance on their fallen comrade. They try to make it look tense and dangerous with the old soldiers taking on the younger drug dealers but it just doesn't look convincing at times-one of the oldsters likes to use a crossbow instead of a gun. There are some cameos; I remember seeing Michael Pare, Tommy Tiny Lister-in one of his last performances-and Danny Trejo and there is even a scene when Danny is asked to join the old soldiers and Danny says, No I'm getting too old for that stuff. It does end with a hint of a sequel-A mysterious man offers the Renegades an other job-but I serious doubt it will happen. But, who knows? Stranger things have happened.

It's rated R for violence, language and drug use and has a running time of 1 hour & 31 minutes.

It's not one that I would buy on DVD. I wouldn't stream it either but if you really want to see it, I'd wait until it comes to regular tv.

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