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based on manga

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pennyelenabooks4 / 10

Good enough

I've expected this to be better than it ended up being, as the story seemed intriguing and the mange on which this film was based on is quite popular. However, the result was rather boring. The story did had some originality at first and it had it's funny moments, mainly due to the leading actor who was really good portraying a man who was turned into a teenager again. However, most of the events of this film were just the same ones you'll probably find in any other Japanese manga school movie: the festival, the school fair, the trip etc. I would rather had the story focusing more on the main character and his journey to change himself and become a better future self. Finally, the love story was okay, had it's twists and surprises, but the two actors didn't have much chemistry to work with. So, 4 out of 10.

Reviewed by RuriGokou10 / 10

It's cute

For a Japanese movie based on an anime this one isn't so bad. Very typical romance comedy and the twist is very obvious. Would have been better if it didn't end the way it did. In any case, if you're a fan of Japanese romance comedy and anime. You'd probably like it.

Reviewed by Elenaj109 / 10


This is the first Japanese film that I have seen - and what a lovely surprise! Where have I been all these years?!

The film is about a guy his late 20s who hasn't achieved much in life: no job, no real friends and no hope. Thanks to a medical experiment, he takes a drug that makes him appear 10 years younger. He's back at high school where he has a second chance to achieve something in life. He soon rediscovers a youthful energy mixed with an older person's appreciation for life.

This plot is original and intriguing. It definitely got me hooked on Japanese films!

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