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Adam DeVine as Blizzard aka Blizz
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Henry Winkler as Smiley
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Donald Faison as Bucky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joeg_fit10 / 10

An Instant Holiday Classic!

A beautifully crafted Christmas journey that goes beyond the traditional holiday narrative. Almost instantly, from the jump, you're cheering for Blizzard and his buddies in their heart warming master plan to SAVE CHRISTMAS. The animation is spellbinding. The world created by Director Lino DiSalvo leaps out at you and gives you this enormous holiday hug that you never want to end. The characters are unforgettable and are easy to root for. It's a star studded cast and they effectively bring this memorable story to life: Blizzard(Adam DeVine),Candy(Melissa Villasenor),Theo(Gabriel Bateman),Smiley(HENRY WINKLER),Isla(Brooke Monroe Conaway),Santa(Jim Gaffigan),Hawk(Jo Koy),Pinky(Candace Cameron Bure) and Bucky(Donald Faison).

Move over Rudolph, Santa has some new friends in town and they"re here to stay!

-Joe G.

Reviewed by adampkalb10 / 10

I am glad I stayed on CBS to watch this after Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Reindeer in Here was definitely worth watching. I adored the positive energy of Adam Devine and Melissa Villasenor all the way through. The voices of Sam-I-Am from Green Eggs and Ham and Wheezer from The Chicken Squad definitely made this TV special special and gave it the life that it needed to be as great as it is. My uncle hated hearing Candace Cameron-Bure in this because we have seen her in too many Hallmark Christmas movies, and it certainly does not help that she left Hallmark for favoring stories about traditional marriages over LGBTQ+ couples. Bill Abbott was also wrong for treating it like a trend and Hilarie Burton called out both sides of this argument when they were in the wrong in different ways. This is why I am glad that Candace Cameron got stuck with the much smaller role of Pinky, even though Candy sounds like the name for a main character you would expect Candace Cameron to play in these Christmas movies. Maybe Candace auditioned for that part and lost it. Instead, Melissa Villasenor got to shine in a new iconic animated role that suited her way better than being Mindy Kaling's substitute voice in Ralph Breaks the Internet when Taffyta Muttonfudge in this sequel only has a couple more lines than Jane Lynch. Reindeer in Here is (thankfully!) not about Candace Cameron Bure, it is about the Adam Devine we know and love from Workaholics, Uncle Grandpa, Penn-Zero: Part-Time Hero and Green Eggs and Ham. The rhyming title of this special may have even been inspired by his Sam-I-Am role. However, Melissa Villasenor as the snow woman with a candy cane nose may become the real breakout star of this Christmas special story, with positive energy and adorable scene-stealing comedy that rivals that of Liliana Mumy in Higglytown Heroes, Katie Crown in Storks and Haley Tju in Amphibia. I actually came to love Reindeer in Here's Candy a lot more than Frozen's Olaf. I highly recommend you check out Reindeer in Here on Paramount+ right now because it has a lot to bring to start a new Christmas classic, about kids who have trouble making friends because their family moves around a lot between every school year. I think the kids who play Theo and Isla can accomplish great things if they continue to have a good acting career and a good childhood after Reindeer in Here, but Henry Winkler also surprised me with the multiple dimensions he gives Smiley that prove his acting career never jumped the shark. If you loved watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I guarantee you will love Reindeer in Here a whole lot more. Thanks to Melissa Villasenor and Adam Devine, Candy and Blizzard were the funniest characters in Reindeer in Here because they were a whole lot of winter fun to watch. Thank you for everything, Adam Reed.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

one-and-done Christmas Special

Blizzard, the young reindeer, gets trapped when a mysterious villain steals Santa's sleigh and his magic snow globe. He gets stranded in a small town where he is befriended by lonely ten year old Theo. The duo heads off looking for the magic snow globe which holds all the wishes of every child in the world.

I'm not sure that I like Adam Devine as Blizzard. It should be a young child's voice. The animation is CGI TV level. It's good enough. I don't really like the villain reveal. I could be funny if it's set up. All in all, this is not going to be a new classic. This Christmas Special is a one-and-done for me.

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