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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrslathan091 / 10

What the hell did I just watch?

This movie was a complete snore! No plot, no purpose, no climax. It could have been much shorter but it just went on and on and on and on! I'm disappointed in myself for watching the entire movie.

Reviewed by berg-745328 / 10

A review of the reviews, Trolls are everywhere

We are covered head to toe with 1000 horror movies per year that are nearly identical. Frankly if I see one more found footage fake real, real fake, real real or I'm sure everyone has forgotten Blair Witch buy now or it's not paranormal identity, yes it is I'm gonna fill my pockets with rocks and walk off a short pier or I'm going to find a huge bear and start to poke it with a small stick. The more horror movies with a new plot that doesn't have impossibly attractive people with zero talent the better. This seems real and by real I mean actual people, attractive people that have at least some depth some ability to emote. Is this perfect, no. Is this movie perfect, no. Is this movie good, better than good. The atmosphere is excellent the mood is great how this movie looks is exceptional, the setting is unique and the presentation is excellent. The things I listed are what makes a horror movie good. The fact that from the start you have no clue where it's going and the ride is new and unique in its own right makes it good and the setting and how the story is presented make you feel it it. What the story is about is personal loss and how a person deals with the unknown. It's incredibly easy to put yourself in the lead characters shoes and at least for me it brings back the dread that I had going to a darkens basement alone as a kid, not something that bothers you now but the felling that is brought back immediately the second you see it. The is unconventional, the story is simple and easy to follow and most of what occurs has more to do with what it does in your brain then what happens on the screen. You have jump scares and for some that's a problem but that to is an individual thing that says more about the person saying it than a legitimate criticism of the movie personally I think if someone complains about jumps scares it says to me that that person doesn't like horror movies and shouldn't be allowed to review them. I want to feel uncomfortable watching a horror movie, i want to have that childlike feeling of dread and to need KNOW where the remote is at all times so I have that quick escape. That's what I felt watching this and that's a horror movie. I'm not going to talk about the end at all, how the story ends is never less important then a horror movie. Think about how many open ended movies you've seen, movies that had ambiguous endings with huge plot holes, I'm not saying that that happens here, I'm not saying that at all, I'm only saying that because the ending of any movie is usually the biggest problem people have and that even if has that issue it shouldn't matter. It's the ride that counts and as far as I'm concerned this ride was excellent. It's not the greatest horror movie ever but I was never comfortable, what more could you ask.

Reviewed by manuelasaez2 / 10

So bad, I BOO'ed when it was over. I watched the movie alone.

There really is nothing positive to say about this movie. Everything was just so boring!!! Almost the entire movie consists of dark spaces and loud noises, and when things do happen, it's such a short sequence you aren't really sure what you just saw. The story itself is serviceable, but why make it such a drag? You could have done so much with such an interesting premise, but it just didn't work.

Avoid this movie.

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