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Patton Oswalt as Remy
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Will Arnett as Horst
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Janeane Garofalo as Colette
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James Remar as Larousse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Hitchcoc10 / 10

Among the Greatest Animated Features

The absolutely absurd premise of a rat becoming a great French chef is brought to fruition by Pixar. It starts by being amazingly colorful and capturing the world of food. Secondly, it is downright funny but does not insult the intelligence of the viewers. Food becomes the background for everything and as the tiny rodent gains popularity, we are pulling for him. This is such an intelligent film and it works at every level.

Reviewed by MartinHafer10 / 10

One of Pixar's best

This film is exactly what Pixar needed to steal the thunder from Dreamworks' latest release, SHREK III. In many ways, this is very ironic, as one of Pixar's best films, MONSTERS INC., was overwhelmed when it was released due to the first SHREK's success. I honestly think if SHREK hadn't been such a wonderful movie, people would have noticed that MONSTERS INC. was an exceptional film. Now, Pixar gets some payback with one of their best, RATATOUILLE.

Actually, RATATOUILLE is probably Pixar's best film, though I did enjoy TOY STORY II and THE INCREDIBLES. The reason I was so overwhelmed by this story was that it was so highly original and creative--I simply cannot compare the plot to any other film (something you can do with THE INCREDIBLES and TOY STORY II). Plus, after years of making CG movies, the look is taken to a whole new level in this film--it just looks breathtaking.

Now I need to point out that RATATOUILLE is not as much a kid's movie as its predecessors. Sure, it can be enjoyed by the kids, but the story line is a tad darker and covers an adult concept (illegitimate birth) and includes a swear word (though not one the really "bad" ones, you can be sure). Also, while the rats are kind of cute (and a marketer's dream),most of the rest of the story isn't and there are no catchy kid's tunes. No, instead this film is aimed more at teens and adults in its sensibilities--something that really helped make SHREK a financial gold mine and cursed MONSTERS INC. to be seen (incorrectly) as "just a kid's movie".

Amazing animation, excellent writing and, the rarest of rare, a completely original and captivating plot make this a winner and film that will be long remembered. I can't wait to see it again.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle8 / 10

tasty treat

The late Auguste Gusteau was the best chef in Paris. He wrote a cooking book for everyone which is dismissed by snooty food critic Anton Ego. Remy (Patton Oswalt) is a rat with impeccable tastes. He is also dismissed by his patriarchal father until he is discovered to be able to taste for poison. He becomes the clan's poison detector. He is still unhappy with eating garbage. After stealing the Gusteau cookbook, he gets separated from the family and arrives at late Gusteau's failing restaurant in Paris. Linguini is the new garbage boy. Linguini ruins the soup and Remy fixes it to new heights for a critic. Linguini is given the credit. With Remy's help, the garbage boy becomes one of the best chef in the kitchen. Skinner was Gusteau's sous chef and is the beneficiary in his will except Linguini may be Gusteau's love child.

Brad Bird and company have cooked up a nice stew of traditional animated fare. Remy is an appealing protagonist. The message is good. The animation is impeccable. Pixar delivers something very traditional from a less than traditional source. The only change I would do is have Remy wash his hands more. There is an aversion to rats when dealing with food. The movie needs to alleviate some of that hesitation. After all, Remy goes everywhere including the sewer.

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