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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca9 / 10

Just another excellent Mel Gibson thriller of the 1990s

Mel Gibson once again comes up trumps with this acclaimed thriller, can this man do no wrong? After BRAVEHEART, there's been this, LETHAL WEAPON 4, PAYBACK, a great run of films. RANSOM is an expertly crafted thriller which pushes all the right buttons and notches up the tension and suspense as Gibson engages in a complex game with the kidnappers of his son. The theme of ransom is fully explored in this intelligent film, which is enlightening as well as entertaining. Also, it's realistic, brutally so in some cases, and has a great cast of performers.

Okay, so Gibson is playing the same guy he always plays - the twinkle in his eye, the jokes, the cool exterior, and outbursts of violence. The nice tough guy, but it's a winning formula and once again it works. He is well supported by Rene Russo (surprise, surprise, these two are stapled together) as his wife, and surprisingly she is not so bad this time around. The actor playing the chief negotiator, Delroy Lindo, is also excellent.

The bad guys are pleasingly fleshed out for this film, there are no two-dimensional villains, all characters have a motive and act in believable ways. Lili Taylor puts in a sympathetic portrayal as a woman caught up in the crimes, while Liev Schreiber also fills out a minor role. However, it's Gary Sinise who once again steals the show as the cool villain, he's charismatic and ruthless. It's a shame this guy gets typecast as the villain, though, as I'd like to see him in a 'good' role for a change.

Among the many violent verbal outbursts there are some effective, if brief, action sequences, such as a shootout at a quarry and an excellent moment where Sinise turns on his fellow criminals and guns them all down in cold blood. It's the ending, though, which turns out to be one of the best endings of an action film I've ever seen, even better than DIE HARD...a rare case where the punishment fits the crime. Sinise gets beaten, broken, lacerated, and finally shot six or seven times before dying, and did he deserve it. RANSOM is a solid, one of a kind film, bolstered by a charming Gibson and rarely putting a foot wrong, thankfully not relying on explosions in the action stakes (nothing blows up for a change). I saw it first at the cinema and again on video, and it didn't disappoint me either time. Well worth your time and money.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

Ron Howard crime drama movie

Tom Mullen (Mel Gibson) is a wealthy businessman who may have some darker methods. He has a loving wife Kate (Rene Russo) and a son who gets kidnapped. The kidnappers demand $2M. Tom calls in the FBI. Something goes wrong when the FBI crashes in on the money drop. The reporters are now following the story. When the kidnappers try again for the ransom, Tom changes the game plan. Instead of giving $2M to the criminals, he goes on TV to offer the money as bounty for the kidnappers' heads.

This is a Ron Howard directed movie. It is functionally made. There is something about Mel Gibson and/or his character that makes him unlikeable. I don't know if it's the union bribe that is hinted at right from the start, or the intensity that he gives off even to his son. He's like a guy with a mean streak trying desperately to show that he's just a nice guy. There is something offputting with Mel Gibson's overwrought acting in this. Same thing goes for the story. There is just something wrong with it. The FBI is hanging out at his apartment and following him in those FBI jackets. There is a lack of intensity. The story is kinda of scattered. And there are things about the kidnapping, payoff, then plan change that doesn't make sense. Maybe crime drama is just not in Ron Howard's wheelhouse.

Reviewed by fredfinklemeyer8 / 10

23 Years Later - Still A Good Movie - Watch For Yourself And Decide

02/27/2019 The movie looks dated due to youthful appearance of all cast members but still an enjoyable, well played "Child Kidnapping" movie. Bon Appetit

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