Racing with the Moon


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Nicolas Cage as Nicky / Bud
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Crispin Glover as Gatsby Boy
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Carol Kane as Annie
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Sean Penn as Henry 'Hopper' Nash
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tejagriz-110 / 10

A Wonderful Sleeper

I have introduced this movie to many of my friends, as it seems no one has really seen it, or heard of it, but it is truly Wonderful and whenever I get anyone to watch they always agree.

A beautiful, bittersweet look at those touching, heart wrenching times in the 40's as the war was beginning and so many young men willingly went to trenches. I love the setting, California along the pacific coast, such extraordinary scenery. Sean Penn in this movie changed the way I looked at him, I realized his depth and sensitivity here. I have loved him ever since.

I have always loved anything about the 40's and this movie offers it up in spades. From the movie theaters, the roller rink, the side jobs every one had,to the shoes Caddie desires, this movie really captures that era. The bowling alley is priceless. Nicholas Cage does an incredible job here, much more so than the overblown, self-conscious acting he acquires later.

Movies I really like all have one thing in common, details. All the little details and extra touches in this movie make it special. From the pool room scene (nerve-racking) to the abortion scene to the treasure map scene, there are so many wonderful moments in this movie I am astonished it did not get more recognition. But I am a fan of movies that move slow and allow you to absorb the characters and background and plot. I hate car chases and fight scenes.

This movie is about people and emotion and feeling and should be a must see for those who care about those sorts of things.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho8 / 10

Sensitive and Wonderful Coming of Age Story

In the Christmas of 1942, in Point Muir, California, the seventeen years-old Henry "Hopper" Nash (Sean Penn) is the best friend of the reckless Nicky (Nicolas Cage),who dates the local Sally Kaiser (Suzanne Adkinson). Henry and Nicky have enlisted themselves in the U.S. Marines and they are waiting to be summoned to travel very soon.

When Henry sees the gorgeous Caddie Winger (Elizabeth McGovern),he has a crush on her and follows Caddie to find where she lives. He discovers that her address is a fancy manor on the top of the hill and Henry believes she is a wealthy teenager while she is actually the daughter of the maid.

Sooner Caddie and Henry date each other and they fall in love with each other. Meanwhile Sally gets pregnant and Nicky needs a large amount for an abortion. They try to raise the money and when Nicky is desperate, he takes an attitude that will test his friendship with Henry.

"Racing with the Moon" is a sensitive and wonderful coming of age story. This film is the second feature of Richard Benjamin that shows an excellent work of direction giving the right doses of drama, romance and humor to the story.

Sean Peen and Nicholas Cage give credibility to their irresponsible characters and the lovely Elizabeth McGovern is so beautiful that mesmerizes when the camera shows her beautiful face and eyes. The costumes and art direction are also fantastic and only yesterday I saw this film for the first time on DVD. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Adeus à Inocência" ("Farewell to the Innocence")

Reviewed by moonspinner557 / 10

Very likable, but benign...

Coming-of-age piece set in small town America during WWII. Sean Penn has seldom been so youthfully exuberant and amiable playing a young working-class man about to go off to war, finding love for the first time with a sweet lass he presumes is wealthy ("a Gatsby girl"). Richard Benjamin's direction is sensitive and breezy, and Elizabeth McGovern is a good romantic match for Penn (though sometimes she talks down to him, like a big sister might). Nicolas Cage is also fine as Sean's goof-off buddy, yet the slim screenplay hasn't enough meat on its bones and the middle portion of the film goes around in circles. The period flavor has been captured with non-showy flair, and Penn's exceptional performance is winning, making the film a nearly-satisfying nostalgic drama. *** from ****

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