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Jonathan Banks as Walter Franklin
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Reno Wilson as Garrett
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Nora Zehetner as Leigh Franklin
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Grace Zabriskie as Mary Franklin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by unkle-sam-i-am10 / 10

Awesome Hitchcockian Classic; You gotta watch it twice!

This Movie rocks! It's entertaining, funny, well-paced, with interesting characters (I love Grace Z.) and excellent cinematography. Like a good Hitchcock film, Mr. Galluzzo makes a bloodless thriller that pays much attention to the details. So much so, you got to watch it at least twice just to catch half of all the tells embedded in this twisted tale. This is independent film-making at its best.

I'm not much into waxing philosophical about whether or not a movie is all that or not. And I certainly wouldn't want to pretend that I'm the authority on film, but this movie is extremely clever and well done. Bravo to all involved! Hats off to Mark Anthony Galluzzo for consistently demonstrating that quality films can be made without studio backing or 10's of millions of dollars.

Reviewed by rumfoord3 / 10

Not nearly as intellectual or thrilling as it aspires to be

As one of the commenters here noted, sundance is usually inundated with gritty depressing films. R.S.V.P. is certainly not one of those. The same person said there were many clues throughout the film that hint at the surprise ending. To say that there were "clues" is an understatement. At every juncture the film screamed its torpid theme.

The film alludes several times to an underrated hitchock flick called "rope". Despite the allusions, the film doesn't even come close to Rope's level of philosophy, morality, or thrills. Instead it borrows a couple ideas, mixes in a few of the cheesier elements of mediocre American thrillers (see "Scream") and comes out with absolute boredom.

There were a few elements that could have made this film great. The allusion to rope could have gone farther and actually translated the film into a modern adaptation. One element that has changed since the time of rope is the perceived value of "fame". The film touched on this, but didn't carry anything through. The thing that could have been done right was translating the fame into a postmodern context. The killer claims he wants fame, but he tries to setup the professor as the culprit for all the murders. This could have actually been an excellent concept if the film had decided to take into account the two realities it exists in, namely: The reality of the film, wherein the professor would take the blame, and secondly the reality of the film as watched by the audience, where the killer could find fame without cost. Indeed, this would have been a clever concept that perhaps would have carried this over into the intellectual genre. Instead, the director has his character act inconsistently and later claim that he wants to be pursued by the FBI "because it's part of the game". The result is that the killer comes off as an absolute idiot, which is unfortunate because our interest has been staked in him being clever enough to pull something entertaining off.

To go back to the comment that this film is so unlike the rest of sundance's depressing flicks, I'm going to have to disagree. This having passed for an intellectual thriller is several times more depressing than boys don't cry.

Reviewed by preacherbillyboy10 / 10

Outstanding Satire! TWO THUMBS WAY UP!

Clearly this daring little film has hit a nerve with the imdb community, so for the record I am firmly in the 'THUMBS UP' category. Basic plot is modeled after the teen slasher genre, wherein a bunch of beautiful 20 somethings gather at a luxury penthouse in Vegas, party, gossip and in a wonderful touch by the screenwriter actually chat/philosophize in an intelligent (albeit morbid) manner before we finally start the action and watch them get whacked one by one. The TWIST, and yes it is a twist, is that the filmmaker (Galluzzo) lets the audience in on the gag from the beginning by letting them know who the killer is. For once we are allowed to be with the wolf not the sheep. By doing this he has turned the genre on its head. Almost mocking it. Which clearly has offended some

traditionalists. All I can say is watch it again with a smile on your face instead of a scowl and you'll see that this indie is something really fresh and new. A brave leap into anti-genre filmmaking in a time when we are inundated with the same old slasher films time and time again. RSVP stands out as a film that at least dared to go its own way and in the end it is an open minded audience that wins. Outstanding Satire! Two Thumbs Way Up!

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