Queer Duck: The Movie


Action / Animation / Comedy / Musical

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled50%
IMDb Rating5.4101040


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Tim Curry as Peccary
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Mark Hamill as Vendor
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David Duchovny as Tiny Jesus
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Audrey Wasilewski as Rosie O'Donnell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ajkbiotech10 / 10

A Mike Reiss Brilliamcy

I saw the premiere of this film in the nineties at an event.

It is riotously funny.

Really Really see it buy it or stream it. The "Bi Polar Bear" character was making me lose my food, I laughed so hard.

For real.

Reviewed by ekeby1 / 10

How Did This Ever Get Made?

I read the positive review(s) above and am absolutely astounded that a theater full of people could watch this and think it was funny. Or clever. Mass hysteria? Stoned out of their gourds? Straight?

On a message board, a poster notes that on the DVD extras the Queer Duck creator says that all the participants except one were straight. I don't know if that's true, but it might explain the quality of this film. It feels like some doofus-hipster straight guy's idea of what he thinks is funny about gay life.

Very young children might find this film funny, but it would be inappropriate and they wouldn't understand that it's supposed to be satirical. It would only reinforce whatever stereotypes they've already picked up from the media. Anyone above age 12 or with an IQ over 70--gay or straight--should avoid Queer Duck like the plague.

If the man who made this is gay, I'd say it's an exercise in self-loathing. If he's straight, he's got a bad-, bad-, bad-sitcom sense of humor and a very superficial idea of what it means to be gay.

Gay life can be wickedly, screamingly funny, and it's ripe for laugh-exploitation. How a satire on gay life could be this lame--that's the only word for it--is utterly baffling. This is one of the worst films I've ever seen and undoubtedly the worst animated feature I've ever seen.

Reviewed by oneloveall5 / 10

Low rent cartoon better suited for comedy central

This consistently clever, though rarely hilarious low budget cartoon is suitable only for hardcore cartoon (homoerotic?)animation fans, with it's sole purpose being 70 + minutes of shoddy animation dedicated to making fun with, though not of, gays. Alienating a large portion in an already small demographic, Queer Duck does not shy away from the queer demographic in it's relentless cuts to musical numbers and continuous homophobic baiting, although the constant pop culture and celebrity gags should appease many of the students of Family Guy, South Park, and The Simpsons (from which Queer Duck's creator was first established). If one were to distill the zany scatological humor found throughout those gems, cut the resources by about 85%, and add an entire unabashedly homosexual slant, one may appreciate what this little toon is offering.

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