Queens Logic


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-5 / 10

Kings of Queens

About to be married and suffering from cold feet, a thirtysomething Queens resident spends a wild weekend with his childhood friends who have come back to town for his bachelor party in this comedy-drama blend directed by Steve Rash. The film's most promising asset is its ensemble cast, which boasts names such as Joe Mantegna (of 'House of Games' fame),John Malkovich, Kevin Bacon and Jamie Lee Curtis, and memorable moments abound as the chums take to cruising around town in the nude and as Curtis unleashes an unexpected violent side. The film does not entirely succeed in the character department though; taken as a whole, the chums are interesting with their "wounded animals" morose bachelor party, but Mantegna as the most vivacious of the bunch is the only individual who we get to know in depth. The others have their moments, but the film never really concentrates on Bacon's pretence of being a successful actor or Malkovich grappling with the fact that his current boyfriend does not accept his old friends. Curiously enough, Ken Olin is the one friend that we learn the least about and he is the one whose second thoughts on getting married drive the film! Mantegna at least gets a decent character to work with and he has an excellent bit in which he tries to capture youthful former glory on a Queens bridge. Is the film really meant to be primarily about him though? 'Queens Logic' is certainly a pleasant enough way to pass the time, but whether one warms to the film or not may depend on how one relates to the loosely fleshed out characters.

Reviewed by Sylviastel8 / 10

Lovely Linda Fiorentino and Cast!

After watching Dogma for the umpteenth time on Comedy Central, I became a Linda Fiorentino fan along with others out there who wondered what happened to this promising actress since 2002. I have seen other films. This one shows that she can play a desperate housewife who can be both strong and vulnerable to her husband played by Joe Mantegna. Jamie Lee Curtis is underused in this role. Fiorentino and Chloe Webb's characters form a believable friendship on screen that I wonder why Linda hasn't worked in five years is a mystery to me. Anyway, it's an all star cast featuring besides Webb, Mantegna, and Fiorentino but also Kevin Bacon, Ken Olin, John Malkovich, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The storyline needs some work. I loved the scene where Carla steals the guys' clothes while they are skinny dipping in a pool. The movie is about a reunion of friends who get together for a wedding that may or may not happen anyway. I plead that Linda gets work soon again because she is really one of the best actresses out there playing strong women rather than weak and superficial.

Reviewed by madbandit200020009 / 10

Being An Adult: New York City Style

I never really had any true friends when I was growing up (I was weird, okay),but I know that the best friends are the ones who stay around. "Queens Logic", an under-looked , sleeper indie film (unless you look really hard in the discount DVD bins) starring a name cast, proves that in the largest borough of New York City.

Wedding jitters plague Ray (Ken Olin of "thirtysomething" and a producer of "Alias"),since he's a talented painter born and residing in Queens, and is about to marry longtime sweetheart Patty (Chloe Webb) a hairdresser with a philosophical outlook. His other pals from childhood, fish marketer cousin Al (the talented Joe Mantegna of "Criminal Minds"),Al's right-hand man Eliot (John Malkovich of "Changeling"),visiting musician Dennis (Kevin Bacon) and working actor Vin (Tony Spiridakis, who co-wrote the film with Joey Savino) help him out by throwing a decent bachelor's party (men and women invited),but they each have their problems.

Despite his jester charm, Al's Peter Pan persona irritates his frustrated wife Carla (the sexy Linda Fiorentino); Eliot's a homosexual who has no desire to play "the love game"; Dennis's still struggling on making it big in Los Angeles and Vin gets one-night stands but no romance. Adulthood: IT SUCKS! But not this film.

Director Steve Rash ("The Buddy Holly Story", "Can't Buy Me Love" and the two DTV sequels to "Bring It On") is competent, but the actors help out more, pumping the tale with humanity, especially Mantegna's breezy, arrested development demeanor, Malkovich's non-stereotypical attitude and Webb's down to earth perspective. Also entertaining is Jamie Lee Curtis as a high society dame, who gives Al a lesson about maturity in a colorful way, and rocker Tom Waits as a gravel-voiced but likable lowlife associate of the gang. Look for a pre- "Will & Grace" Megan Mullany as a drunken conquest of Vin's. The film's soundtrack is littered with rock and disco tunes from the 1970s, the decade the guys grew up.

Likable, poignant, sly, funny and a love letter to its' backdrop (Queens's Hellgate Bridge is prominent here),"Queens Logic" reminds us, despite how we grow up or wherever we are in our lives, the neighborhood we grew up is part of us and vice versa, and the best friends we have reminds us of that.

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