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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peefyn7 / 10

A portrait of a troubled young man

This is a slow moving film, more interested in the character and his position within the small village, than it is in the actual fires themselves. Don't expect a lot of dramatic sequences.

The character that this movie follows is quite interesting. Understanding a pyromaniac is difficult, and I'm sure every case is different. The way this story is presented, you can understand (on some level) what motivates him to do what he does. Some of the best sequences in the film are of him interacting with other locals, where you can feel the tension in him. There's also a few tragic moments, where you can see how he is struggling to find his place in the small village.

For some reason, the director chooses to downplay the possible tension inherit in this movie. I think I like what he is doing, but I can also imagine someone else making a movie that is just as interesting as a character portrait, but doesn't feel as slow.

As a Norwegian, I also have to comment on the weird mix of dialects this movie got going on. It kind of breaks the realism of this being a village from the south of Norway. Oh well.

Reviewed by paul_a_salt7 / 10

A Slow Burn Thriller

Pyromaniac follows a young man as he quietly wreaks havoc in his small Norwegian town. We spend the entire film with Ingemann, observing his life and his destructive habits. However, Ingemann's motivations are enigmatic. We are left to reach our own conclusions as to why Ingemann enjoys his incendiary hobby.

We are given an insight into the character's frustration. He is the fireman's son but receives very little attention in the community. His school friends no longer engage with him and most of the adults struggle to remember his name. Few opportunities to interact are presented in the sparsely populated setting. But when a fire breaks out the community is drawn together. A crowd quickly gathers and everyone participates in extinguishing the fire and rescuing as much of the victims property as possible. Crucially Ingremann himself transforms. He becomes competent and confident as undertakes his duties. Ingremann seems to show genuine compassion for the victims of his predilection.

Actor Per Frisch delivers a wonderfully magnetic performance as Ingremann, managing to embody the awkwardness of the character as well as the menace. As his fires grow in scope he becomes more bold and frightening to behold, all the while maintaining pathos.

The fires in the film are alternately terrifying and incidental. Director Erik Skjoldbjærg films ignition like an action movie utilising slow motion and rich sound design to make the audience feel the destructive power. Yet often the resulting fire is framed in the background of scenes, recalling Tarkovsky's set piece barn fire in The Sacrifice. There is of course one notable exception in which an elderly couple escape the house, a scene that is as tense as it is impressive.

The effect is that the fire loses its dramatic allure once it has been lit and any civilians have safely evacuated. The sense of urgency and danger gives way to one of melancholia. The fire becomes a passive devourer that roars in the distance and seems unaffected by the communities attempts to extinguish it.

One of the more striking engaging aspects of the film is Ingremann's relationship with his mother. Quiet scenes of domesticity establish the gentle fondness between the two characters which becomes heart-breaking as Ingremann's actions strike closer and closer to home. Some of the most emotional scenes of the film come from this relationship.

Not everyone will be engaged by Pyromaniac. The pace is slow, the characters are understated and the sense of peril is deliberately undercut with dark humour. However for those able to appreciate such things, the film is a frightening and arresting experience.

Reviewed by siipola7 / 10

Turning insecurities into fire

This is a story about insecurities and incapability to cope with them. A quiet guy can't find the right words or socially accepted moves to gain acceptance from his small-town neighbourhoods. The anger of failure comes more and more out of control. He thinks he is control when he has safety-matches in his pocket. From that point on, the character gives thrills to viewers, waiting for the moment when something will terribly go wrong. Movie is more about the atmospherics, fater/mother -son relations and disturbing thrills not big twists and turns.

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