Pure Country


Action / Drama / Music / Romance / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright90%
IMDb Rating7.0104808

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Kyle Chandler Photo
Kyle Chandler as Buddy Jackson
Lesley Ann Warren Photo
Lesley Ann Warren as Lula Rogers
Rory Calhoun Photo
Rory Calhoun as Ernest Tucker
George Strait Photo
George Strait as Dusty Wyatt Chandler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer8 / 10

One of a Kind Classic, Will Survive its Critics handily...

Confession first. I am not a huge country fan (though I do have a collection of Roger Miller and Ernie Ford tunes) and George Strait was really not on my radar before this. Then I stumbled onto this film. The story about a star who wants to chuck it all and seek his/her roots appears corny on the surface, but, as the film professors have said, there are only a dozen or so real story-lines anyway, so some recycling is to be expected. And George Strait did not initially appear to be the most polished actor I had ever come across -- until I figured out that he was not trying to act, he was more or less playing himself, and, according to the IMDb database -- AN EXTRAORDINARILY RELIABLE SOURCE -- this is the first and last film he ever made. So I decided to give the film a chance ... and I was hooked. The film is subtle, engaging, and it draws you in. The story is universal. Strait is more than adequate for what turned out to be the role of a lifetime. The presence of Lesley Ann Warren is a bonus as this accomplished actress (who started out on the Mission Impossible TV series) can make changing a tire engrossing. And despite the scorn heaped by the critics, the album from the film was one of the most successful in Strait's career. Summary -- not on a par with the Godfather, bit a well-crafted and engaging one of a kind tale with a soundtrack to die for. Recommended.

Reviewed by boblipton7 / 10

Concert Film With Story

George Strait -- in his only film role to date -- is a country-western musician who's burnt out with the never-ending play dates, the high production values that obscure the music, so he goes on walkabout, while manager Lesley Ann Warren pulls in another singer to front the band because the show must go on, and she doesn't want to return the ticket money.

Strait is unsurprisingly good playing a character very close to his own. The point of the movie, of course, is the songs he performs, and there are ten of them, often performed with the laser lights and artificial smoke in show venues, and his back-up band in the movie is the one he performs with. It's just the right mix of story to put in a concert film.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe8 / 10

Where the sidewalk ends...the road begins.

Not only for George Strait fans. Not just for country fans. But it doesn't hurt. Music, romance and a simple plot. Dusty(Strait)is a country super star that is falling out of favor with how his manager(Lesley Ann Warren)is producing his concerts with smoke and explosions. He decides to take a little walk to get away from it all for a while. He rediscovers his "roots" and along the way falls in love with a pretty barrel racer(Isabel Glasser). The finale is predictable, but touching. A very good soundtrack featuring such tunes as "Heartland", "Where the Sidewalk ends" and the movie's big finale number "I Cross My Heart". Strait does show some acting ability; but then again he plays a character no too much unlike himself. The perky and pretty Glasser is to fall in love with. Also in the cast are Kyle Chandler, John Doe and veteran cowboy star Rory Calhoun. Even if you are not a country music fan PURE COUNTRY is more than tolerable. Relaxing and easy to watch.

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