Puppet Master: Axis Termination


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevin_robbins4 / 10

This movie had a very different feel from the previous Puppet Master films and was very disappointing

Puppet Master Axis Termination is free on Tubi and the final chapter in the Axis trilogy. The German puppets are ready to fight till the death and finally end the puppets. Little do the Germans know the puppets plan to infiltrate their base and bring their reign of terror down forever. Despite being directed by legendary puppet master director Charles Bamd this movie had a very different feel from the previous Puppet Master films and was very disappointing. I'd actually call this one of the worst 3 Puppet Master films in the series. Overall, this is worth watching for fans of the series but isn't one of the better Puppet Master pictures.

Reviewed by paulclaassen3 / 10

Puppets vs. Nazis

The 11th installment, the 5th film in chronological order, and the final in the Axis Trilogy. Although this is by no means a brilliant film, it is the best (by far) in the series since the original. This installment has a much darker tone than the stupid, comical 'Axis Rising', and has a lot more depth. Indeed a vast improvement on the previous Axis films. The acting and dialogue are much better, as well as the effects and tension. The puppets also look much better and are livelier, having been so stocky in previous films. In this installment Captain Brooks (Paul Logan) and a group of people with special powers battle against Nazi wizards to gain control of the puppet serum that is quickly running out. Nazi Puppets Wehrmacht, Bombshell and Blitzkrieg are back, as well. Unfortunately, I found the lighting in the film to be very poor. Hunky Paul Logan makes the film a lot more watchable, as well...

Reviewed by kosmasp4 / 10

The End (?)

Well the end of a trilogy and also the end of a cycle or whatever you want to call it. Apparently the newest entry after this (movie number 12 by the way, which is called "Littlest Reich") will be a reboot. And it's funny because there will be an original cast member (at least),although Barbara Crampton did not have a character name in the very first Puppet Master.

But back to this one. This concludes a trilogy within the franchise and as I and probably others have stated before you could have told the story in one movie, but they stretched it over 3. Puppetry is good, though I'm not as impressed as I was with the first one. While the budget restrictions probably are the same, the very first one was way back ... Anyway there are worse movies (even in this franchise) and if you want to have a complete overview of things (like me),you'll probably watch it, even if it doesn't matter to the next one ...

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