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Matthew Mercer as Gueira / Additional Voices
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Steve Blum as Ignis Ex
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Yuri Lowenthal as Meis / Additional Voices
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Reviewed by passan-806708 / 10

This movie contains 200% of the yearly doses of pink a human should see

Promare is very over the top and parodies almost all clichés modern animes do have. But unlike the majority of animes out there, this one is not boring. It is scene after scene of pure stupidity as an excuse to entertain and honestly, it works great. This movie is fun as hell.

The comedy does not work in animes. It is the usual screaming with dumb faces, but luckily that is a very small part of it. The majority of humor is the absolute ridiculous and over the top action and animation.

Kill la Kill and this one share the same director, writer and componist. So the script does not take a break. Instead of pacing the have a train on LSD. There is a lot of action that happens and pretty much all of it visually stunning, creative and some of them are hilarious. The soundtrack is obviously FIRE as well.

The few issues I have is the annoying dialogue of the main character and the break-neck pacing.

At the same time the anime knows how annoying the main character is and everyone calls him out for being an idiot. His passion for helping makes him also quite likeable as well.

The pacing is honestly a breeze of fresh air. In a normal movie it would be a problem but since the majority of modern animes are designed to have a pacing of a glacier with a lot of meaningless dialogue that only exists to pad time, it is very refreshing to see stuff happen in a short amount of time.

This is not the best anime of all time, but it would be a sin to pass on this.

Reviewed by IonicBreezeMachine7 / 10

Visually exhilarating, but narratively convoluted and chaotic.

Set 30 years after the emergence of the emergence of pyrokinetic humans called Burnish. The movie follows Galo, a firefighter who as part of Burning Rescue, fights against blazes started by the burnish. After going against orders to take out Burnish separatist leader Lio, Galo finds himself a national hero, but eventually finds that the nature of the Burnish isn't as black and white as he's been lead to believe.

Hiroyuki Imaishi and produced by studio Trigger, the film definitely feels like a natural progression of the approaches, styles, and craft honed by a team whose work originated with studio Gainax on tonally similar material like FLCL and Gurren Lagann. The movie is filled with dynamic visuals and engaging action aplenty, but its plot often takes a back seat to the style and action and the ending becomes so action heavy it borders on exhausting.

Much like Gurren Lagann the movie has an approach that feels self aware and lovingly mocks the tropes found in shonen and mecha anime. Galo is a very familiar Maverick type protagonist who doesn't follow the rules and is more prone to action than thought or planning. Likewise Burnish rebel Lio is a very familiar melancholy stoic but strangely enough his character feels like it's played relatively straight. The movie alternates between over the top humor and apocalyptic action and for the most part it uses its jarring tones to its advantage to create an engaging viewing experience reminiscent of its usage in Gurren Lagann.

The movie unfortunately has some drawbacks to it. At a length of just under two hours the movie feels way too long to justify itself, especially with a third act which consists of nearly a half hour worth of non stop back to back action sequences. The action is well done and beautifully animated, but once it starts it never stops and it does become a bit much. The movie also piles on revelation after revelation over complicating the narrative. In many ways Promare's plot feels better suited to a TV series because if it had more breathing room for its story some of these revelations and heel turns seen in the film might've been able to carry more weight.

Promare is a case of style over substance, but its so stylish and so energized that it makes up for a cluttered, chaotic and confusing narrative. It's a showcase for some of the most dynamic and visually interesting animation one can recall seeing in an anime film and makes a welcome viewing for any anime fan in spite of its flaws.

Reviewed by iq-crash-test3 / 10

visual overload

Did not actually manage to finish the movie.

everything in this movie starts out great in the intro, quick exposition and worldbuilding that doesnt feel forced, done through interesting and original visuals.

then the movie starts. you're instantly treated with a pastel coloured firework display of agressive jumpcuts and flashy animations, which could have been amazing if used sparingly, but it just doesnt stop. the exaggerated and at times needlessly detailed in your face art style of the primary action on the screen could have been great, but paired with the low fidelity backgrounds that for some reason have to be in blocky pastel colours, it turns into an everchanging abstract painting on your screen that prevents you from ever finding a focus point.

the acting is not bad, and the style brings back fond memories of 90's kids cartoon shows.

im sure there's an audience who will enjoy this movie's "over the top everything", but personally i wasnt ever able to pay attention to what was going on, and unable to finish watching the movie.

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