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Reviewed by SnoopyStyle5 / 10

no actual comedy

Sweet Christine (Phoebe Cates) and her best friend Betsy (Kathleen Wilhoite) attend the Cherryvale Academy for Girls. Rival Jordan (Betsy Russell) vows to steal Christine's boyfriend Jim (Matthew Modine). Jim's slob friend Bubba is hooking up with Betsy. The boys dress as girls to sneak into the all girls school. Christine finds Jim with Jordan and she stops talking to him. Ms. Copuletta (Sylvia Kristel) teaches sex education. Chauncey (Ray Walston) is Jordan's father's driver.

As far as male fantasies go, it doesn't get much better than Betsy Russell riding a horse. Along with Phoebe Cates herself in Fast Times, they are teen boys' dreams of that era. It's more notable for the sex romp than any actual comedy.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Hugely enjoyable 80's collegiate sex comedy romp

Sweet Chris Ramsey (an utterly charming and vibrant performance by the adorable Phoebe Cates) and stuck-up bitch Jordan Leigh-Jensen (delightfully played to the venomous snobby hilt by the delectable Betsy Russell) compete with each other over the affections of nice guy Jim Green (likable Matthew Modine). Meanwhile, the students in two rival private schools participate in all kinds of wacky antics. Director Noel Black, working from a blithely slight and inane script by Dan Greenburg and Suzanne O'Malley, keeps the pace zipping along at a constant snappy rate and pitches the amusingly lowbrow humor at an appropriately broad level. The lively acting from the enthusiastic cast helps matters a whole lot: Cates and Modine are appealing leads, Russells positively smolders with a highly combustible sexiness, Sylvia Kristel has a memorably sultry part as alluring sex ed teacher Miss Regina Copoletta, Kathleen Wilhoite makes a sparky debut as the sassy Betsy, plus there are entertaining contributions by Michael Zorek as rowdy fat slob Bubba Beauregard, Ray Walston as suave chauffeur Chauncey, Fran Ryan as the stern and uptight head mistress Miss Dutchbok, Jonathan Prince as bespectacled nerd Roy, and, in an especially hilarious bit, an unbilled Martin Mull as an amiable drug store clerk. This movie is further galvanized by a first-rate soundtrack of excellent and energetic 80's rock songs by such artists as Bow Wow Wow, the Stray Cats, Rick Springfield, and Vanity Six. Best of all, this picture sure doesn't skimp on the tasty gratuitous female nudity: Russell's legendary bareback (and chest) horse riding scene deserves its classic status while both an uncredited Brinke Stevens and buxom blonde "Playboy" Playmate Lynda Wiesmeier show off their smokin' hot stuff in a simply spectacular girls' shower room set piece. Moreover, there's a supremely breezy'n'easy carefree quality to this movie that's impossible to either dislike or resist. An absolute hoot.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison7 / 10

The 2nd greatest ever teen sex-comedy starring Phoebe Cates.

Private School (for Girls) is a teen sex-comedy that isn't particularly funny, and doesn't feature much sex. It is, however, an 80s teen sex-comedy and, furthermore, it is an 80s teen sex-comedy that stars the most gorgeous actress to have ever graced this earth, the delicious Phoebe Cates. For these reasons, I am willing to cut the movie a lot of slack.

Christine (Phoebe Cates),a student at an all girls school, is in love with Jim (Matthew Modine),who is attending a nearby academy for boys. They are planning their first night of passion together but, when busty bitch Jordan (Betsy Russell) sets her sights on Christine's guy, they find that the course of true love n'er did run smooth (as some poet once wrote). Meanwhile, Jim's school buddies involve him in all sorts of crazy capers in a desperate attempt to see (and hopefully score with) as many naked babes as possible.

Private School may not be the greatest example of its genre (I think that accolade goes to Fast Times at Ridgmont High, also starring Phoebe Cates),but it still has bags of 80s charm, a likable cast and, of course, loads of quality tits and ass on display! And although Ms. Cates keep herself mostly covered up in this movie, the vivacious Betsy Russell does her best to compensate by getting her ample charms out at the drop of a hat.

Viewers are also treated to a great cheesy dance routine with the girls (clad in lycra leotards and leg-warmers) bending and stretching (to the song The American Girl by Rick Springfield),a real corker of a shower scene, the unforgettable sight of a topless Ms. Russell riding a horse in slow motion, and an appearance by Emmanuelle herself, Sylvia Kristel, who, unsurprisingly, plays the sex education teacher.

Private School is enjoyably silly trash for those who love immature teen comedies with loads of nudity (ie., me!).

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