Princes of the Yen


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kwilliams-7498310 / 10

Very Enlightning!!

I must watch even if you think you fully understand monetary policy and economics. The topics discussing this documentary are never talked about or taught anywhere!! This is worth your time you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by razoracius6 / 10

Central banks are not free-market

It does a decent job at exposing the globalist central bank cartels agenda of doing economic hit jobs on other nations, but takes a logical stumble when it tries to tie the blame together with the free market. Central banks are NOT any inherent part of a free market, which the producer should be well aware of if the documentary should carry any kind of weight in its reasoning. Crony capitalism and corporatism are equally not the same thing as the free market. The documentary's pacing is quite slow and dull as is the narrating.

Reviewed by daveintro10 / 10

Clear and very precise step by step explanation about Japan glory and sudden drop.

Honest step by step explanation of how pure greed is working hand in hand under the cover of the free market pressure to kill every regulatory system that can assure an amount of prosperity for all and how it killed Japan's economy. Instead, it create opportunities for a few to get insanely rich with no regards to what happen to the economy. Pretty slow video, I speed up to 1.5 so its easier to watch. :)

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