Priest of Evil

2010 [FINNISH]

Action / Mystery / Thriller

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Eero Milonoff Photo
Eero Milonoff as Petri Haag
Peter Franzén Photo
Peter Franzén as Rikosylikonstaapeli Timo Harjunpää
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

A very good crime thriller

The setting reminded me a bit of a game called "Heavy Rain". It's not the same, but the vibe has some similarities. The main actor is really good and we have an interesting interaction between him and other characters. The main bad guy has a great motive: Plus he doesn't see himself as a bad guy (a thing that other movies have also explored).

Interesting themes (redemption, revenge and more) get tangled in a complex but still pretty reasonable scheme of things. It never gets too complicated and some people might feel this is too predictable (which it sort of is). Not everyone might like the way it ends, but it seems inevitable to me. A more than decent effort and a very tense movie

Reviewed by laduqesa7 / 10

Of course there were holes

There always are holes in crime thrillers and police procedurals. A couple of them grated but in the main, they could be overlooked.

I'm not going to make this a long review. The film is not profound in any way and has enough of a plot, in fact a couple of strands, to hold the viewers attention. In reality, no serial killer such as this one would not have been caught before. But then, in films, murderers have the ability to disappear into thin air just like that.

I have to say the ending and final scenes were sick-making and saccharine but it's hard to see how else the scriptwriters could have finished on an optimistic note.

It's worth a watch to while away part of an evening. I have the series to look at next.

Reviewed by BeneCumb7 / 10

Very close to good Scandinavian lonely-cop films

In the world, Finns are known to be sluggish and calm people - and we see plenty of them in most Finnish films. Harjunpää ja pahan pappi is a nice exception, thanks to talented Peter Franzén and Sampo Sarkola, above all, whose characters' reactions to injustice and violence are not insensitive or arid. Although being on separate sides of the law, their "psyche" types are rather similar, but the reasons to act are still different... The plot has several twists and turns, some issues are explained via flashbacks; the ending is trivial, but not annoying, and when the credits appear you realise that you have seen a decent psychological thriller, in the line with good similar films from Sweden or Denmark.

In short, the film in question is one the best 21st century Finnish crime films. Moreover, I as a Finnish-speaker and having visited Turku/Åbo several times, had a nice joy of recognition.

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