Pride and Glory


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten35%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled49%
IMDb Rating6.61061404


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Colin Farrell as Jimmy Egan
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Edward Norton as Ray Tierney
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Lake Bell as Megan Egan
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Ty Simpkins as Matthew Egan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Smells_Like_Cheese7 / 10

Some flaws here and there, but still has a very decent story

Edward Norton and Colin Ferrell, the automatic great duo, they make a perfect team for a movie like this. They're both great actors and will make any movie worth the watch. So my friends and I watched Pride and Glory a little over a week ago, I was hearing mixed reviews on it, but still, when you love these actors as much as I do, you have to see it. So based on my honest opinion, this is a very good story, but the film just needed better editing, it was a little longer than it should have been. Also I didn't really like the ending, although I know they did it more for the cinematic reasons as people wanna see the bad guys pay for their crimes. But Ed, Colin, and even John Voight make this film very watchable and click right on screen. We've seen a million crooked cop movies, I think we're still looking for one that really stands out, but Pride and Glory holds itself well and is watchable.

Jimmy is a narc who does pretty much all the dirty work when it comes to busting in on drug dealers, hookers, murderers, rapists, etc. One night though he among other cops receive a call that 4 policemen have been killed in a building with drug dealers. Jimmy is trying to figure out what went wrong only to find out that one of the drug dealers had an inside man who called in advance to warn them that the cops were coming. But one of the policemen that he suspects is his brother in-law who does the best he can to justify all that he is doing.

Pride and Glory is a very good story, I'd say though to wait for the rental, but I'm warning you there are some really intense scenes, Colin goes really far in one scene with a baby, I'm a person who has seen every disturbing film known to man, and this scene had my hands over my eyes. If you wanna see this film, you'll see what I'm talking about. There are some shocking lines as well and hurtful, this was just an intense movie and is not for the weak hearted. It's like the more disturbing episode of The Shield in some ways. Ed and Colin work well together and are a great duo, Pride and Glory is a good movie, just needs a little more editing.


Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

Gritty formulaic cop drama

Four NYPD cops are down in a drug bust gone wrong. Ray Tierney (Edward Norton) heads the investigation. It's what his father ex-cop brass Francis Sr (Jon Voight) wants. The four are his brother Francis Jr (Noah Emmerich)'s men. As Ray digs, he finds corruption in the department that has entangled his family. Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell) is his brother-in-law who leads a group of corrupted cops.

It's a gritty crime drama with lots of top notch acting talents. The acting is good, but there is nothing here that is new or surprising. Writer/director Gavin O'Connor has infused this movie with a grimy messy style. The tone is dark. The story is a little bit confused with a few too many characters' POV and is also somewhat formulaic. It's a movie that has been done better elsewhere.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho5 / 10

Promising Story with a Terrible Conclusion

When four police officers from the 31st Precinct are slaughtered in a raid in Washington Heights, Chief of Police Francis Tierney Sr. (Jon Voight) assigns his son, Detective Ray Tierney (Edward Norton),in the task force that is investigating the murder under the command of his brother and Chief of 31st Precinct, Francis Tierney Jr. (Noah Emmerich). Ray uses his common sense and knowledge of the streets to chase the criminal Angel Tezo (Ramon Rodriguez) that survived the slaughter and is the main witness of the crime. However, he also discloses a network of corruption in the police department and has a moral dilemma when he finds that his brother-in-law and also officer Jimmy Eagan (Colin Farrell) is dirty and a drug-dealer.

The complex "Pride and Glory" has a confused beginning, where many situations are disclosed without the necessary development of the characters. However, after fifteen, twenty minutes, the viewer has the big picture of the events and sees many parallel dramatic sub-plots and the promising movie is highly engaging. Unfortunately the conclusion is terrible from the moment that Ray decides to meet Jimmy in a bar and bring his brother-in-law arrested with him. Why doesn't he go to the Internal Affairs and tells the truth instead supported by his brother? The fight and the subsequent death of Jimmy would be enough to sentence him guilty in any court. I do not understand why the writer decided to spoil the excellent plot with this stupid conclusion, transforming my exhilaration in a great deception. "Dark Blue" has a similar theme (multi-generation of detectives, corruption in the police department etc.) and is more solid and consistent. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Força Policial" ("Police Force")

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