Prey for the Devil


Horror / Thriller

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Virginia Madsen Photo
Virginia Madsen as Dr. Peters
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Cora Kirk as Emilia
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Jacqueline Byers as Sister Ann
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Christian Navarro as Father Dante
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benjaminskylerhill5 / 10

Clever ideas poorly executed.

Much to my pleasant surprise, Prey for the Devil actually does have a sufficiently unique and compelling take on the possession sub-genre. Early on, the script introduces character background and thematic depth that causes the plot to largely be driven by an emotional core.

In this film, unwillingness to forgive oneself becomes a poison that causes a person to lose themselves and gives demons power to take over their minds. Only complete and total self-forgiveness can eliminate the demonic threat in such cases.

I loved this addition to the story, as it gave me something to root for beyond the rote plot machinations.

I really just wish that the rest of the film was as compelling as this, because in terms of visual execution and story beats, this movie is as generic as they come.

It's shockingly uninspired in its direction and in the set-up of its scares. Never once is it surprising or stunning. The actors give it their all but they really don't have anything to work with, as all the development was given to the themes and no room was left to tell us anything specific about the characters as they are in the present.

The director used a lot of handheld camera work and close-ups, and this is sad as it doesn't utilise the insane potential of the gorgeous, often spacious location the film is set in.

If a more artistically daring director had taken this script, they could have made it incredible. Instead, it's pretty middle-of-the-road.

Reviewed by AfricanBro8 / 10

Let... me... in!

Slow paced with a couple jump scares, probably a few shy from being too many but most still genuinely startled me. I think that was due to the movie maintaining a constant eerie aura, it doesn't lighten up at any point. The somewhat novel story was decent, as well as the acting, but not entirely spectacular. Thought Smile was the best horror this year because it was an actual horror instead of just throwing some gore into psychological thriller; Smile was more of a fun horror to jump out of your seat with your friend and this was more of a scare you to death horror. I constantly had a chill in my tummy and had forgot what that felt like. Maybe this scares me more than Smile did because that was more reminiscent of other horrors like the Ring.

Over recent years I stopped watching horrors because new ones didn't scare me anymore and I thought oh maybe I'm just older; but now that I've found something one that's actually scared me to my core I don't know why I missed this. I think exorcist horrors are spine-chilling because demons are actually real to you especially if you grew up around church, unlike let's say vampire, psychological or zombie slasher.

Didn't give it a 10/10 mainly because plot progresses pretty generically, even the twist felt lazy writing, but the fact that this is scary is really all you could ever ask a horror movie for. It could have been more graphic too, doesn't have a lot of images that stick with you and maybe the pg13 rating was limiting. A few unanswered questions i.e. Why Sister Ann was chosen. The story also lacked depth, not that it needed much though; I love that the runtime is relatively short and it uses the little it has effectively. Loved that the movie leaves an impression, not just to scare you while watching it but for you to think about it later before you sleep.

Also, hopefully not a spoiler but that scene in the ambulance with the rosary was so bad ass, the demon knew he was bossing it with that pose waiting for the door to open. Favorite scene even though it's another were we whisked past the gore.

I'm so happy this lived up to my expectations because it was the first time I was excited for a horror in years and it delivered so check it out. Reminded me why I used to enjoy horrors as a kid.

Reviewed by FeastMode2 / 10

Watch Smile instead, TRUST ME

After the huge surprise of the awesome horror movie Smile, I'm brought right back down to earth with Prey for the Devil. Right back to where the expectation is the vast majority of horror flicks will be terrible.

There are two different routes to me giving a movie such a low score. One is that the movie is actively bad, laughable, filled with things to rip on. That's not the case with Prey for the Devil. It takes the second route, the one where the movie has nothing of value. Nothing about it is good.

This movie does a horrendous job at making you care. About anything. I couldn't keep track of how many times I thought to myself, "I DON'T CARE." Emotional moments, I don't care. Major horror moments, I don't care. Climax with stakes, I don't care.

If I were to rate the scariness, it's a two out of ten. Zero tension, zero suspense. It made me jump maybe three times. I watched these supposedly scary scenes and felt absolutely nothing. I also think I might be done with exorcism horror flicks. A couple come out each year and they're usually useless.

In the end, Prey for the Devil is almost a complete waste of time. It might be good to reset expectations so I could be as pleasantly surprised the next time a movie like Smile comes along. (1 viewing, opening Thursday 10/27/2022)

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