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Reviewed by nogodnomasters4 / 10

Can you Sing?

Premika (Natthacha De Souza) was the name of a dead girl found hacked to bits. We discover she was a Thai bar karaoke singer and prostitute working off a family debt. She haunts a karaoke machine at a resort. Guests are forced to sing. If they make a mistake they are killed.

This is a Thai film dubbed in English with subtitles. There appears to be jokes about specific Thai singers that Americans would not understand. The feature started out as a comedy-horror but then goes down hill.

Guide: F-word. Very brief sex scene. No nudity.

Reviewed by Patient4445 / 10

Starts good enough, loses its touch.

So this one starts fairly decent, weak special effects but that is the only down side at first. As the movie further develops we get more laughs, over the top kills and gore.

After about 70% of the movie length, sadly it turns into the usual Asian drama you get to see in pretty much every such production. A long awaited finish will eventually come but will not deliver any closure just more and more unnecessary drama.

Overall I would recommend it but bare in mind that it becomes genuinely hard to enjoy at some point. It was close to a sure hit, but dragged itself for too long sadly.


Reviewed by kluseba7 / 10

Thai culture presented in a quirky mixture of atmospheric horror and slapstick comedy elements

Premika, better known as Killer Karaoke in North America, is a Thai movie that mixes atmospheric horror elements with a few slapstick comedy passages.

The movie revolves around a resort in the country that is visited by some celebrities such as musicians and producers for a weekend of concerts, karaoke and parties. Soon enough, strange things start to occur in and around the resort as visitors disappear and are haunted by mysterious appearances. The events seem to be related to the gruesome murder of a female teenager whose dismembered body was found nearby but never identified. Things take a sinister turn as investigators, perpetrators, tourists and victims meet at the sinister resort.

The film can be described as an average flick throughout its exposure, rising action, climax and falling action as it mixes very well shot atmospheric horror elements that are however slowed down by distractingly awkward slapstick comedy elements that just don't blend in. The settings and special effects are employed with care. The acting performances and the plot are however shallow and thin.

What makes the movie stand out is its conclusion in the final twenty minutes as the different characters meet and the background story is revealed. This little twist is emotional and profound and actually deals with a problem that is recurring in Thai culture. The difficult topic is treated with respect and gives viewers some unexpected food for thought. Seventy entertaining but superficial minutes are therefore followed by twenty authentic and poignant minutes that end the movie on a high note.

At the end of the day, Killer Karaoke or Premika is worth to be watched if you are interested in Thai culture and don't mind a combination of atmospheric horror elements with quirky slapstick comedy. This movie is certainly not everybody's cup of tea but it manages to stand out and is quite memorable. The final twenty minutes elevate it above an average flick and offer some welcome food for thought. This might be a creative film to watch on a movie night with some friends on Halloween.

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