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Reviewed by kosmasp4 / 10

Bully me not

When Pranks go bad - or are they going bad? What was the plan again? Now the main theme of the movie is really an interesting one and it may be the basis why the ratings are all over the place for this. Almost everyone has experienced bullying, either as a victim or as a perpetrator. Most have been the former of course and may feel for the main characters here.

Still liking the theme/story does not make it a better movie than it is. The found footage aspect I guess is supposed to draw some people in (and making it more "personal"),but it also is quite annoying. Like it or not, it is pretty straighforward and you will be able to determine if you want to continue to watch or not ...

Reviewed by Robert_duder7 / 10

A fascinating and near brilliant indie thriller that will leave you disturbed

This film is so incredibly timely given all the happenings in recent years around school violence and bullying. It also has a number of strikes against it. Director and writer are one in the same, indie low budget film, no-name actors, and a hand cam "home video" style film...its usually a recipe for a disaster. This was anything but. This film proved that there are still brilliant newcomers out there that can make a solid low budget film with a great story. The film is not a horror movie per se though it certainly has moments of genuine gore and pure terror but its also a drama/thriller revolving around two young men who have been bullied for years by the school jock. The pacing of the film was only a little off. I thought it dragged a little especially in the beginning but I understand they were trying to really establish these characters and I can't fault them for that. I have seen so many hand-cam horror flicks lately and I am sick of them. I didn't think I could possibly enjoy a film done in that style again, it has been so overdone. Well for Prank it absolutely works. My biggest issue with hand-cam films is that it is almost always ridiculous that a camera would be running all this time. However, with Prank nearly every shot makes sense. You could reasonable understand why a camera would be on for the most part. It still is a stretch in some parts but less than most films of this type.

Our two lead actors are destined to be in bigger things if people see this. They were both excellent, plain and simple. They both have incredibly complex and well written characters and an incredible character arc to both of them. In the beginning I thought Nick Renaud was really stealing the show. He had this intensity and strength and stereotypical geek character that was trying to get his vengeance. Renaud was great and in the end when he shows his emotional breakdown, it is just terrific. Henry Monfries starts out as the distant, aloof sarcastic teenager and arcs into a near monster when his breakdown happens. He has easily some of the most visually brilliant scenes in the film. The blood stained "Kiss The Cook" apron is something you will not forget from this movie. The two of them together have great chemistry and a bizarre relationship that works. The supporting cast are all good and fit their roles well enough. None of them particularly stand out though Alastair Ferrie as the object of the vengeance, the bully Dax is particularly good. Gemmenne de la Peña seems like she is going to be really good but gets pulled from the film in the beginning and doesn't show up again hardly at all.

Director and writer Yiuwing Lam goes immediately to my "one to watch" list. He crafts this brilliantly and the cinematography is so well done for a low budget film and a hand-cam. The film has its faults of course but considering what it could be, they are easily overlook-able. Nonetheless I did have some issues. The main characters are incredibly stereotypical, cookie cutter "nerds." The multiple Star Trek references, the tape on the nose, just the entire existence of these two boys is lifted right from every nerd stereotype. Neither one of them are very likable at any given time but you certainly feel pity for them. The only other major plot hole that really bothered me was there are no adults in this film. No parents, no teachers, no adults of any kind. At one point we see a sister but other than that...nothing. They do try to explain away on of their fathers but it still isn't enough to make you forget about it. The ending was a little more complex than I would have liked. I appreciate a good twist and it made sense but somehow it made the film seem less impactful. Still it managed to turn it around and really get under your skin. Those of you that appreciate indie film making, this is one to check out. It is entertaining and disturbing and certainly worth a watch. 7/10

Reviewed by rockin21214 / 10

Movie review?

I haven't actually seen the movie but Its just a comment. You people make it impossible for me to trust any reviews when half of you say its a 10 and half say its horrible. It can't be both, lets be real. A ten is The Shining, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Night of the Living Dead, the Exorcist and I very much doubt this movie I am about to watch even comes close to that unless you are planting a review. So I beg you please think about what you are doing before you give every movie a 10, 9 or 8. thanks people!! I have to give this movie something so I will guess at a 5 and I bet it will be worse....Just this hope this helps for future raters!

Okay now I have see this movie and now I will rate it. It was not a 5 like I first guessed. It was definitely a 4.

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