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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters6 / 10

I think you've done enough already.

I watched the film reading the English subtitles. 1918. WWI, Spanish Flu, Norway. The Sami are treated as second class citizens. A Sami woman is about to die. She instructs her husband to raise one girl and to give the other to the preacher. The preacher (Jan Sælid) and his son Oscar (Tarjei Sandvik Moe) return home to their family. My (Eva Nergård) is the Sami adopted child spoken about by the narrator. She plays OUIJA with daughter Agathe (Anna Filippa Hjarne) who is a teen and is blind. The preacher has plans to build a church, but he has to take Sami land to do it, land they claim which has something on it they can not control. Some of the land has been ceded for mining. There are still folks in the community who have not converted to Christianity. In building the church they come across some ancient Sami graves, which they have no problem moving, placing the bones in boxes and into the basement of the preachers house. There are many things that start to happen. At first they can be explained, but as the film goes on there are some stranger things.

The film is a slow burn horror (not horrific) that drew me in. There are things that happen that are clearly supernatural, but not in a fantastic manner, it was more subtle. I enjoyed it, even if I didn't fully grasp the ending.

Guide: Male nudity. No swearing. Off screen sex and rape.

Reviewed by hansenroy-3547710 / 10

To good to be true

The isolated north of scandinavia,Sampi with its nature and culture, has lots of hidden stories. This is one of them.

Maybe its because of the polar night and the irregular sleeping rythm, but the church has a dark history with the indigenous Sami.

This movie has a lot to offer for you, who is interested in "true horror".

I hope the Sami may regain what was taken from them by the priests; their culture, language and self esteem.

The director is combining several interesting plots. And each one deserves its own mini series by itself.

A lot of the movie may work with the history of religious norwegian migrants in the states and their contact with indigenous people around chicago.

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