Planes: Fire & Rescue


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Patrick Warburton as Pulaski
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Julie Bowen as Lil' Dipper
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Ed Harris as Blade Ranger
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Teri Hatcher as Dottie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird6 / 10

Much improved over the first film

From personal opinion the first Planes film was dull and lazy though not without its moments. Its sequel Planes: Fire and Rescue is not great as such but in more ways than one it's (far) superior to its predecessor. The story, while still improving on that of the original, is very slight and predictable with an unfinished ending and Dusty's character arc being laboured and with tedious exposition between him and Blade. Some of the music is mismatched, parts have genuine tension but others have a slow-paced country-bar music vibe and it just doesn't fit. The characters are mostly very likable, especially Dipper but others including Dusty lack spark. Dane Cook didn't really do it for me either as Dusty, some of his comic timing is good but he often has too much of a smug approach to a character that would have fared better being played straight. Planes: Fire and Rescue does have a lot of very good things, particularly the animation which is outstanding and even better than that of the original. The colours are richer, the backgrounds and landscapes more textured and the photorealistic animation in the fire fighting sequences is far better than any of the animation in the first. Children and adults will appreciate the witty lines and easy-going humour as well as that it is nowhere near as derivative as the story of the first film and that the messaging is surprisingly gentle for a message movie, though with the odd preachy moment. The pacing is crisp while also gentle, and the fire fighting sequences are tense and exceptionally well animated with a truly thrilling climax. In fact the aerial sequences all soar and the action blazes. The voice acting is very good, with Cook being the only reservation. Especially good were Julie Bowen, who brings lovable sass and hilarious comic timing to Dipper, Ed Harris who brings grit and bite to Blade and Curtis Armstrong who's a warm presence. Wes Studi has his moments as well but his character could have been better fleshed out and more sensitively written. Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara have a very heartfelt moment together too. To conclude, not a great sequel but one that improves vastly over the first Planes film. 6/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by neil-4767 / 10

Decent kids' animated adventure - impressive looking

Prize race-winning plane Dusty Crophopper is told his racing days are over, so he joins a team of forest fire-fighting aircraft and appliances.

The first Planes film, set (by Disney) in the same universe as Pixar's Cars, did little more than move the plot of Cars 2 off the road and into the air. This sequel is very much better. The rescue scenario lends itself to some wonderfully realised visuals and a genuine sense of jeopardy. The characters seem more likable this time round, too.

A high profile voice cast does well by serving the film and not imposing themselves, but this film - for me - was mainly about the terrific visuals.

Reviewed by datautisticgamer-748533 / 10

Improvements are made, but not enough

Planes: Fire and Rescue offers little more than advertising for little children's toys, but I will say that it isn't as shameless as its predecessor. With that said, though, I was still quite bewildered and blasé with each of the ideas that this movie demonstrated (such as planes apparently having the life cycle of birds, nesting at youth until they turn into what they are in real life),and I don't get why DisneyToon is so shy to reveal more about how this world parallels ours (Pixar is guilty of this, too). I believe it would have compensated for the predictability of the plot and how dissatisfactory and unwarranted the ending was. I was still ticked off or disinterested with the new characters, despite the stereotypes being nearly absent and how some, like Blade Ranger (I know, it's more for toys),are respectable mentors to the protagonists. The animation is fine, good enough to make its way into a 2014 theater with better use of its opportunities to use effects, but it still errs on things like the design of aircraft and even automobiles (Pixar didn't make this mistake, simply because they're a better studio than DisneyToon). My recommendation would be to pass this movie unless you claim to be one of the more hardline fans of the extended Cars series, in which case, I won't stop you (especially considering that it's better than its godawful predecessor).

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