Pin Cushion


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Isy Suttie as Anne
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Bethany Antonia as Chelsea
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Chanel Cresswell as Belinda
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by latinfineart4 / 10

A very boring and uneventful film

I just did not get this film. Maybe I needed to be under 20 to understand it? The mom seems like a king hearted soul, but a total misfit. The daughter seems to have zero self esteem, sense of self, or idea who she is, what she is, where she is going, or grounding in life. She is kind of a social drifter. A social opportunist, desperate to fit in. And she ends up selecting the worst possible girls to hang out with, as a result. Is this a cautionary tale? A sort of horror flick, that is not scary? I am not sure the film knows what it wants to be. Not much of a payoff in the end. Good casting. Good cinematography. The film was well done. Wish there was more content within it. Not much there.

Reviewed by sarahcalothis10 / 10

Thought provoking and beautiful

There is no denying the power of this film. In the current arena of homogenized movies written to formula this film is a welcome hard hitting and thought provoking exception. A dreamy fairy tale quality keeps is floating above it's very dark and disturbing topic. At the beginning there are places to smile in the quirkiness of the characters and their lives but it is not long before you are taken with them on their emotional journey until the finale surprising and shocking conclusion. It is a film that will stay with me and I eagerly await more by this screen play writer and director

Reviewed by deloudelouvain6 / 10

Bullying has no age.

Let's just start by saying that Pin Cushion isn't a happy movie. You won't have a good feeling after watching it. Or you must be a bully yourself and you have no clue what for a lowlife you are yourself. The story is about bullying, about not fitting in. There is the bullying of a young innocent girl that does her best trying to fit in, and there is the bullying by adults towards a woman that looks differently. The acting is good as well as the filming. The story is worth watching, but just don't expect some kind of justice or feelgood moment as it is a sad movie.

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