Pillow Talk


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Rock Hudson as Brad Allen
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Doris Day as Jan Morrow
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Thelma Ritter as Alma
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Lee Patrick as Mrs. Walters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer9 / 10

the best of the Doris Day/Rock Hudson films

This film is a pure delight from start to finish--with a very witty script and great repartee between Day and Hudson. Rock plays a playboy who is pretty nasty to his annoyed neighbor, Day. He seems to spend all his time chasing women and talking on their party line--such that she can't get much sleep or make a phone call. Although they don't actually meet, they have a very tense relationship over the phone. Later, Rock decides to play a trick on her and poses as another person. She quickly falls for him--not realizing he is the womanizing schmuck! Well, during this time, Rock is often seen in the halls or on the street by the same two guys who think he is an amazing stud--and they marvel at his prowess. Later, they see him dressed as a woman (due to a misunderstanding) and their response is priceless. I'm actually VERY surprised this sort of humor is involved, since Hudson was trying to hide his being gay. But it's still funny and he mustn't have minded.

Anyway, it's a fun film--good for the family or as a date film. Almost as good is the follow up, LOVER COME BACK.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

Love it, love it, love it!!

Before I saw Pillow Talk, as much as I did love Young At Heart, Move Over Darling, Love Me or Leave Me and The Thrill of It All, I thought I'd never see a Doris Day film that I loved more than Calamity Jane. Well with Pillow Talk, I found it. It is witty, charming, smart, fresh and funny, and like I said with Move Over Darling it doesn't have a single wasted scene. Also it is my personal favourite of the films Day made with Universal Studios.

I will admit when I first saw the film I did occasionally find it slow and the ending a little abrupt. Seeing it again, any flaws I had with it initially went completely, and the more I saw Pillow Talk the more I found to like and the more I liked it. The story about a telephone party line is smart and quite original. It is glossy froth, but I like glossy froth. The production values are pretty simple yet glamorous and the music is pleasant and memorable, I especially loved the title song which is really quite catchy. The screenplay is witty and funny and has charm to it too, while the film is very well directed by Michael Gordon.

Even better are the performances. Doris Day once again is fresh and endearing, and Rock Hudson also has his share of adroit humour and does it with flair. But these two are superbly supported by Tony Randall, who I think gives his best performance in this film and Thelma Ritter who also have the best material. In conclusion, a truly wonderful film, if you give it a chance I think you'll like it. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by bkoganbing7 / 10

There Must Be A Pillow Talking Rock For Doris, THERE MUST

Pillow Talk was the first of three films Rock Hudson and Doris Day teamed on. Personally, I don't think it was their best, but it's entertaining enough.

Though for the life of me I can't understand what Doris did in this particular comedy to warrant an Oscar nomination. Pillow Talk doesn't stand out in that way. Doris was passed over for such things as Love Me Or Leave Me, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Midnight Lace where she really did do some good acting.

The premise is dated, party lines are certainly a thing of the past now with text messaging cell phones. I do recall back around the same time my grandparents still having a party line. In that sense Pillow Talk is dated.

Still the film is funny enough. Virginal interior decorator Doris Day happens to get the same party line as wolfish songwriter Rock Hudson. Rock with his non-stop love life is constantly cutting in on Doris's business calls.

When he accidentally learns who she is when at a bar she's fending off the advances of young Nick Adams, Rock embarks on an all out campaign to nail her as another trophy. Of course the imponderable of love always gets in the way in these films.

Doris Day in all of her comedy films, be they with Rock Hudson or others always got a good group of supporting players. It seemed obligatory that Tony Randall before finding fame as Felix Unger, was always cast as the hero's best if goofy friend. It's either him or Gig Young in these roles. He creates his perennial character in Pillow Talk.

On the female side Thelma Ritter as Doris's perpetually hung over maid is her deadpan best. My favorite scene in Pillow Talk is her drinking Rock Hudson under the table.

Though audiences today might not get the whole party line premise, Pillow Talk is still funny enough for even the younger viewers.

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