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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charlytully6 / 10

Clueless Canucks Muck Up Another Flick

The only reason this film is "set" in the USA, as opposed to where it was shot--CANADA!--is the anti-American sentiment that our college kids are as crude as Saudi oil. Therefore, when the main character Miles loses track of the 26 letters of the alphabet in his attempt to "rail" at least one chick whose surname begins with each initial before he graduates, the final title card says his new quest will involve scoring a girl for each "of the 50 states" (NOT 10 provinces!). Since there are not enough Canadians to make a DVD profitable, they are constantly trying to trick us into thinking all the really DUMB stuff they dream up for bogus American characters to do is actually happening south of their border. Furthermore, they think we are so ignorant that we won't notice the local radio station in this college town is "CMFU"--a Canadian designation.

France has a quota on American films so their culture is not polluted, and it is way overdue for the U.S. to impose a similar self-defense measure against the Canadians. If you don't believe they're trying to further their economic advantage (yes, their Loonie is actually worth MORE than a genuine dollar, thanks to the effects their smear & smut campaign already has achieved),try sitting through this PIGS slop! At the very least, there needs to be a clear surgeon general's-type warning on each Toronto or Vancouver-produced DVD case such as:


Reviewed by Destroyer Wod7 / 10

Low budget flick with heart and good characters

I saw this movie years ago, and i gave it a 8 because i loved it. Not looking back at it of course i was a bit too exited. The movie is good, its fun and all, but its a bit too much to go into a 8.... Its more like a 7. No i am not joking. Sure its low budget, but the story is fun to follow and interesting, i really had fun with this movie when i saw it back then and today in a garage sale i found a DVD with 4 movies on it, and one of those was this one. For only 1$ !!! I purchased it and watch it again and yes its genuinely a good movie. I want to keep this review spoiler free so i can't say too much, but definitely the kind of movie that show heart and interesting characters without going on the excessive American pie territory, which i like also, but its cool to see different for a change.

More or less this movie is ground more in reality, don't expect over the top scenes or whatever and it focus more on the characters themselves.

In any case no matter if you like it or not, for me its one of my guilty pleasures, a movie that don't rely on big budget or such to be fairly enjoyable and a good time.

Reviewed by donboderme1 / 10

This is by far the worst movie ever.

Again, let me repeat it. This is by far the worst movie EVER!!!! The ending was stupid. The character who is the roommate the most worst personality in the world. Again let me repeat he's worthless, and the ending makes the whole movie suck. There is literally no logic to the movie what so ever and the story line is pure crap. Especially the ending. Do yourself a favor and watch any of the American Pie movies. There much funnier, have better story lines, and actually worth your time. Who ever wrote and produced this film is a simpleton. On top of everything, you can here their Irish accents come out during half the movie. The actors are the worst at trying to fake an American Accent.

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