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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mark.waltz3 / 10

Give them a Lei. Blow them away.

This is not the thinking man's spy film. In fact, it is obvious that in spite of the Picasso reference, little brain was put in the script outside the ingenious way that people are killed, rather humorous in spite of the violent methods. The third part of a trio of spy films, it starts with the murder of the star of the previous films and moves on to the attempted assassinations of a bunch of blonde bimbo spies who speak as if they stepped out of some 1950's high school bad girl film. The only actor I was familiar with is the ironically named 80's soap hunk Steve Bond ("General Hospital") who is a Robert Scorpio/James Bond like agent living the high life, but in spite of top billing is off screen for quite a bit. But when he is on screen, it's impossible not to be mesmerized by his aqua blue eyes.

As for the female spies, there was one rule of thumb in their casting: a toned and tanned body with plenty of cleavage. The only thing missing is a staple in their navel. "I had rug burns for a week", showing that their mind isn't always on her mission, that is unless that's how she makes love. It's hard not to think of rather blue jokes in regards to the excessive sexuality, because the humor is very much indeed filled with innuendos (and outuendos) and over the top in the sexual freedoms of the female characters. The plot is completely unimportant, but the scenery and action and campy dialog does make it a fun bad movie. You'll certainly not be bored, but you will be more intrigued by how unbelievably ridiculous it is.

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

Entertaining Andy Sidaris outing

After double agent Picasso Trigger (smoothly played with cool assurance by John Aprea) gets bumped off by treacherous arch drug smuggler Miguel Ortiz (a pleasingly slimy portrayal by Rodrigo Obregon),several federal agents are assigned by the agency they work for to bring Ortiz down. Writer/director Andy Sidaris maintains a quick pace throughout and delivers his usual enjoyable mixture of delicious babes in skimpy swimsuits or less (busty blonde knockout Dona Speir and mega cutie Hope Marie Carlton are mad hot as our sexy heroines while smoldering buxom brunette Roberta Vasquez contributes a memorably sultry turn as enticing femme fatale Pantera),an amusingly goofy sense of tongue-in-cheek humor, big splashy explosions, nifty James Bond-style gadgets (a deadly explosive boomerang, killer remote control toy car and airplane, etc.),a good deal of bloody violence, occasional bits of strenuous slow motion, a cool fierce martial arts fight, and globe-trotting international locations which add an impressively expansive scope to the picture. The acting from the attractive cast is passable at best, with Steve Bond likable enough as buff hunk Travis Abilene, Kym Malin simply adorable as sassy cowgirl dancer Kym, Cynthia Brimhall displaying real class as the elegant Edy Stark, and Harold Diamond providing suitably macho muscle as ace karate fighter Hondo. Howard Wexler's slick cinematography gives the movie a nice polished look while Gary Stockdale's lively score hits the stirring spot. A fun flick.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison5 / 10

Low-budget Bond-style nonsense with naked women.

Picasso Trigger, the third film in Andy Sidaris's Malibu Express series, is par for the course in terms of nudity and violence, with the obligatory big breasted babes disrobing at regular intervals to get fruity with the musclebound hunks, and lots of baddies being shot, blown up, or impaled. Luckily, this one proves to be slightly more entertaining than the last entry (Hard Ticket to Hawaii) thanks to Sidaris adopting a more deliberate Bond-style approach, one that comes complete with an international villain and silly gadgets (designed by 'Q'-alike boffin, The Professor) to go with the usual array of chase scenes, explosions and exotic locations.

The plot (yes, there is a plot!) sees government agents Travis Abilene (Steve Bond),Jade (Harold Diamond),Donna (Dona Spier),Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton) and Edy (Cynthia Brimhall) joined by Paris operative Pantera (Roberta Vasquez) to bring to justice the gang who have been bumping off their colleagues. However, everything is not as it first seems, with Travis and Co. eventually discovering that they have been set up by bad guy Salazar AKA Picasso Trigger (John Aprea) to help him eliminate his competition.

Picasso Trigger is no means a great film—Sidaris's direction still leaves a lot to be desired, the action scenes being far less thrilling than they are unintentionally amusing—but with plenty of sexy Playboy-standard babes getting naked, crap martial arts, a pointless sub-plot about snuff movies, crazy gimmicks such as an exploding boomerang (which would surely come back and blow YOU up?!?) and a rocket-launching crutch (programmed by pocket calculator),blatant product placement (even the local Hovercraft Hire company gets in on the action),and VERY LARGE CAPTIONS to let us know what day of the week it is, this is worth a go when you don't want to have to think very hard.

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