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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled32%
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marriage proposal

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Jason Sudeikis Photo
Jason Sudeikis as Glenn
Gina Gershon Photo
Gina Gershon as Lydia
Dan Stevens Photo
Dan Stevens as Will
Rebecca Hall Photo
Rebecca Hall as Anna
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by codygdietrich4 / 10

Romantic comedy that is neither romantic or comic

It has good actors that work well together but the plot line is basically that a flat line. It's a little over an hour & half long but feels closer to three hours. It's not romantic and funny nor is it heartbreaking and tragic it falls somewhere in the middle that leads to an anti-climatic climax that leaves a lot unanswered and then cuts to black.

Reviewed by kosmasp8 / 10


Relationships are or can be quite fragile. One wrong thought, one wrong turn decision wise ... and you might find yourself in quite the conundrum. Even in partnerships where everything seems to be perfect, there are at least small fragments that can be used to shatter everything.

A very interesting premise we got here and very fine actors too. But don't expect this to be over titilating and exciting. It is more about the story than the nudity and the intercourse. Which there is some of course, if that means anything to you. But the psychological aspect of it, the relationships - how people treat each other. Hopes and dreams ... some crashed, some reborn in some way. And where it all can lead to.

It is not a happy go lucky movie, that is for sure. And it isn't something that will pace wise speak to many. You can say there are cliches here, but overall even if you detect some, it is well done. Very fine acting included

Reviewed by bjarias8 / 10

..all the parts did good.. !!'s a good film... with a good script.. using solid actors.. ..time spent watching a billion dollar blockbuster.. ..or a great little film like Permission..

..we age.. we change.. ... .. more possibility of differences becoming substantial...

..this work shows lots of similar depth & quality the Williams-Rogen movie.. Take This Waltz..

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