Perfect Skin


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Richard Brake as Bob Reid
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pairic8 / 10

Dark Horror Thriller

Perfect Skin: Katia (Natalia Kostrzewa) is a Romanian Au Pair who has fallen out with the host family, she is dependent on acquaintances to provide accommodation. She meets Bob (Richard Brake) a seemingly friendly tattoo artist who is anything but. When Katia is drunk he abducts her and keeps her caged in his basement while he inscribes his masterpiece on her skin. Brake is excellent as he mixes family life with his nefarious activities. A skilled sociopath he makes it look as if Katia had ripped off her inquisitive flatmate Lucy (Jo Woodstock) before he accumulates even more victims. Kostrzewa puts in a great performance as she veers from Stockholm Syndrome to desires to escape. The horror is mostly of a psychological variety but there are some very disturbing scenes. Decapitation, smothering, piercing of skin with hooks. Not a film you'll forget in a hurry. Writer/Director Kevin Chicken has plenty to crow about as he delivers this dark horror thriller. 8/10.

Reviewed by UniqueParticle8 / 10

Peculiar art film

I really wish Richard Brake did more roles he's amazing! The music in this is trancelike which is really cool! I understand why people said Perfect Skin is boring but it's fairly enjoyable and menacing. Not your average horror movie, it's got a bit of depth to it.

Reviewed by illnesse1 / 10

Awfully boring

Hard to understand how this boring piece of film managed to get any good reviews. Complete waste of time, maybe tattoo enthusiasts like it for the tats but the story was nonexistent, characters had zero background, acting was ok i guess but this is neither a thriller nor horror nor interesting at all. My g/f made me watch till the end, at least i had some quiet time to read stuff on my phone. I did pay attention but really regret it now. The end was really generic too, you can't even say the script was predictable as there isn't anything happening you could predict. Yes it's that bland.

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