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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jfrentzen-942-2042116 / 10

Somewhat Avant-garde Horror Film Plays With Space, Time

Having watched PENNY PALABRAS I was left irritated and dissatisfied with the other reviews of the film on IMDB.

This strange but original, moderately successful horror outing should be more correctly identified as experimental in concept, even avant-garde at times. Director and co-writer Ken Carlson does something quite different with the idea of the cursed family haunted by a demon trope -- in this case, a vaguely human-like Straw Man character that like Pennywise the Clown swoops into our world via some other dimension that is also inhabited by other creatures, which either help or hurt the title character: A lithesome teenager living in a suburban aerie complete with atmospheric forests and swirling ocean-scapes.

Against this natural beauty we follow the plight of Penny's family, which has been reduced to a terrible sort of dysfunction due to interfering, supernatural attacks by the Straw Man. This creature's real target is Penny, whom it chastises and terrorizes for most the film's running time, while she tries the take control of the situation by either destroying the Straw Man (unsuccessfully) or engaging the help of a friendly ghost.

Thematically, PENNY PALABRAS is most concerned with isolation, depression and the damaging effects of barely suppressed family trauma. The family's isolation is centered on a harrowing past event that has twisted the girl's father into an incoherent drunk and turned the mother into a shrill, depressed harpy with no more personal power. The Straw Man exploits all the sadness, loneliness and misery experienced by the family, and tries to drive Penny mad by just simply being everywhere she is. Interestingly, Penny has the ability to interact with recently dead people awaiting transport to the next level of existence. Eventually, the story line gets a bit overloaded with mystical significance -- the final third of the film stretches credulity a bit with time travel thrown in.

The film's blue monochromatic visual style is distractingly beautiful at first, but as Penny's dilemma is revealed it fits the plot-line very well. The visual effects, which are sparingly used, conjures the interior voice of the main character in a haunting, striking manner. It's rare to see shadow effects used so well to convey a character's secret thoughts.

Reviewer complaints about pacing, acting and technical issues are misplaced. The film moves at a dream-like pace for reasons outlined above, and although some of the actors are amateurs the main players are competent. Deena Ingley is good as Penny, alternating between wide-eyed confusion over her life's path and a squinty ferociousness when angered. One can take issue with the presentation of the Straw Man and the two demons that appear in the film. While Carlson seemed to be going for a children's bedtime story approach to visualizing these creatures, the lack of budget really shows in their simple face masks and lack of makeup effects expertise. Although the Straw Man character resembles an overactive Muppet at first, it grows more sinister as the movie progresses, notably in scenes where it appears to float over people and physically enter them to do his dirty work.

Reviewed by eythenk8 / 10

I Get It

This independent film is not for special effects addicted action-feed addicted horror fans who are accustomed to be entertained by the gore of people being ripped apart by two semi tractor trailers by the spine. It is for lovers of film, literary types, who actually read the book first. Although I was skeptical of the lead actress's talent after seeing the journal entries that led up to production, I thought she pulled it off ok. Furthermore, I was impressed by the other actors -- Mom, the Librarian (still my fave),skinny lovestruck kid, partying teenagers (if this was bad acting, couldn't tell cause that's how drunk people SOUND),and especially the Dad who is a wonderful actor. Black and white works and also mimics the graphic novel. Film angles well done, lot of good hard-edged imagery. Story sped up and sucks you in as it goes along. Psychological elements. Soundtrack well-developed, soft but striking, although thought some of the conversation scenes didn't need background music. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Reviewed by mjsreg3 / 10

Wanted this to work - but it doesn't

The 10 * reviews must be fake.

Anyway. When I saw this film's synopsis I thought it looked interesting, and I always like to see low budget films get a good run.

Unfortunately, this was nowhere near the film I was expecting, and lack of budget is not the reason.

OK, so I am not expecting super Hollywood performances from the cast, and it was obvious that some of the supporting cast were inexperienced, and that is fine and to be expected. Some of the performances of the main cast were good too.

Whoever colour graded this film needs some serious training and experience. Colour grading is more than making the screen a colour - it is about the subtle use of colour and effects to being the viewer into the story and invoke mood and emotion - not a raging headache. I can see why whoever did this might think monochromatic blue was the way to go, but it just doesn't work the way it is applied.

Teh editing was far too loose. Some shots lingered for too long, some shots we just not cut together very well generally, and many others were just pointless in the context of the story. It also made the actress playing the main character unprofessional and a bit dim -which she is not.

The 'special effects' are what they are - not all that special and it may have worked much better if the film had less of them and more thought had gone into producing physical effects rather than relying on computer generated ones that looked false.

In the end this could have been a good film, even for the budget. But lack of attention to detail and poor technical skills ruined it.

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