2018 [MALAY]

Action / Adventure / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright88%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by searchanddestroy-14 / 10

Expendable film, in every terms meaning...

The basic scheme, though inspired by actual events, reminds me an American action feature from 2003 titled SWAT, where an ex cop belonging to the police elite force, decided to get thru the boundary between good and bad. This Malaysian film can be seen as a kind of propaganda, docu fiction stuff about the Malaysian special forces. Not bad at all, a pretty good time waster. But that's not CAPTAIN PHILIPS either. The final scènes are a bit too cheesy for me; too much predictable. You can easily live without it.

Reviewed by Wizard-85 / 10

Not awful, but too flat and predicatable to really work

This is the first Malaysian movie I have seen, and after watching it I would be willing to watch more Malaysian movies, even though this particular effort didn't quite make it in my opinion. The movie is fairly well made on a fraction of a Hollywood budget, though I will admit some scenes look more like a glossy made for television production than a big screen movie. And the cast is decent and works hard, though when they speak English, their accents make some of their words hard to understand. The main problem with the movie is the script. If you have seen any other movie about a country's special forces, then this story will be extremely familiar for you, from the domestic problems of the special forces members to the bad guys' activities. You'll be able to easily predict what happens long before it actually unfolds. That might have been forgivable had the movie been more exciting and action packed, but there is less action in the movie than you might think. And what action there is doesn't really get about a routine level. Still, I will give the movie this: It's a LOT better than practically every movie my country (Canada) turns out!

Reviewed by ops-525356 / 10

good product considering the low cost budget

It has a lot to offer, but the roller coaster ride between heavy rough action to mediocre family atmosphere makes the mind dizzy and your body screams for more to maintain the 10 stars you have on hand in the start of every movie.

the cast are too tough and rough according to my perfect military action hero, and the somalian pirates armed like a battle ship, flies up and around and shoots like duracel-rabbits on khat or some other steroids. the music though nourish the excitement , and i realized that i could close my eyes waiting for the big drums entering the scenes of action and suspence and thereafter close the till next round of hefty rythms starts again.

by all means, do watch the movie , its good considering being made on a 2.5 mill $ budget.

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