Paranormal Highway


Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by seven-johnson1 / 10

Highway to boredom

So, there's ~30 cast and crew, 13 votes and an amazingly generous 6.4 rating at this point. Not the worst film I've ever seen, but it does make it into the top 10 worst.

"Actors" have zero charisma, there's a bunch of them supposed to be playing teens and they do have that awkwardness about them. It's as if an amateur dramatics group have decided the only way they can get people to recognise them is to do a horror - one of the few genres where budget doesn't always matter. Wooden, stale and tiring - not even annoying enough to hope for bloody endings for them.

There's some directing involved, it's quite clumsy, bad editing too.

Very tiresome, forgot I was watching it time to time.

Reviewed by shaunackroyd1 / 10

I applaud anyone who finishes this film.

What can you say about this film. There is so much wrong with it you might as well not bother. Absolutely god awful acting, writing, effects (what little there are) and the list just keeps going. If you value your time, never watch this.

Reviewed by Platypuschow2 / 10

Paranormal Highway: Ack! SO bad

I went into this assuming it was one of those dumb found footage ghostie films with the budget of a Big Mac and the filming quality of a brick. I was sorely mistaken, it's SO much worse.

It tells the story of a debate team riding in a bus to a competition and how they fall foul of a supernatural entity of some sort.

It's found footage alright with all the usual tropes but also falls into several of the moronic pitfalls I've been seeing lately which make no sense. For example a found footage movie is supposed to be raw footage and shouldn't be edited, it certainly shouldn't have a soundtrack and things like premonitions/random cutaways shouldn't be visible at all.

So immediatly this had me annoyed, but that was nothing compared to what else watchers have to look forward to. The acting is amateur hour to cringe inducing extents, the plot is baffling and I can only assume the entire movies budget came from product placement.

I generally dislike these movies but they are works of art compared to this abomination. The cover artwork is the most professional thing about this travesty.

One big nope of a movie with a side order nope and spinkles of nope over it. NOPE!

The Good:

Cover art

The Bad:

Cringe inducing

Dreadful acting

Defies logic in places

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

People in found footage movies are devoid of common sense

Some movie makers like to recruit actors from retail outlets instead of acting schools

I actually found myself missing the old school terrible night vision generic found footage movies that all have exactly the same ghost hunter plot

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