Papi Chulo


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh75%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright76%
IMDb Rating6.5101595


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Matt Bomer as Sean
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D'Arcy Carden as Susan
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Ryan Guzman as Rodrigo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by westsideschl3 / 10

A Home With a Bleak View

Lacked subtitles for the elderly, disabled, hearing impaired, and ESL viewers. Disrespectful & cheap on the part of the producers especially when audio & English enunciation is off. Dialogue is important!

Had potential, but not too believable encounter between a TV weatherman homeowner & his hiring of an Hispanic handyman from in front of a home improvement store to paint his deck. Homeowner came across as a narcissistic, self-indulgent, spoiled individual trying to resolve his relationship issues. Not much to the script or acting unless you like watching paint dry.

Reviewed by JoBloTheMovieCritic8 / 10

Papi Chulo

8/10 - honest and entertaining buddy dramedy is worth a watch or two

Reviewed by gradyharp10 / 10

'Sometimes a stranger makes the best friend'

John Butler both wrote and directed this sensitive film that tenderly explores the space that friendship secures despite hypothetical barriers of language, culture, gender identification and social mores. This is a film that is not only entertaining and well acted and directed, but also is a much needed platform for examining the prejudices that at times interfere with civility when those responses can be (and so often are) healing. Sean (a luminous Matt Bomer) is a gay Los Angeles television weatherman whose anguish over a 6-month separation of his ex-lover Carlos results in an on-camera breakdown. His TV crew encourages him to take a rest - a break from his broadcast duties - and spend some time talking to someone for support in his chronic loneliness. Sean decides to change his life, at least as far as his home atmosphere, by giving away Carlos' potted tree on his deck - the removal of which leaves a painted blemish that Sean decides to correct. This mission opens the gate to his picking up a middle-aged migrant Latino day worker - Ernesto (Alejandro Patiño) - to help him, and despite the language barrier the two become friends: Sean over-talks on hikes, rowing on MacArthur Park Lake, parties, eateries, and gay parties and Ernesto sensitively provides listening companionship. When Ernesto doesn't appear one day, Sean turns to drinking and trying to find Ernesto in his Pico Rivera living area, only to fall (literally) into Ernesto's backyard during a Quinceanera party and is cared for by Ernesto's family - a kindness Sean later repays as 'room and board'. During Sean's recovery he tries Grindr, and the hunky Ryan Guzman appears at his door: Sean is emotionally unable to respond to the encounter. Time passes. All's well that end's well - as when Ernesto's child knocks on the front door, followed by Ernesto, to fix the still unpainted deck. 'Sometimes a stranger makes the best friend.' A small but very fine cast support Bomer and Patiño and the result is a touching film that offers a fine view of interpersonal relationships - despite some barriers.

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