Paper Year


Action / Drama / Romance

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Eve Hewson Photo
Eve Hewson as Franny Winters
Andie MacDowell Photo
Andie MacDowell as Joanne Winters
Hamish Linklater Photo
Hamish Linklater as Noah Bearinger
Avan Jogia Photo
Avan Jogia as Dan Delaney
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10

happy anniversary

Dan Delaney (Avan Jogia) and Franny Winters (Eve Hewson) get a quickie city hall marriage. He's a struggling actor trying to break into Hollywood. He gets to housesit and dog-sit for hot starlet Hailey Turner. Franny gets a job writing for reality TV game show Duck, Duck, Goose. She finds herself falling for the head writer, Noah Bearinger (Hamish Linklater). Is the first year truly the hardest...

I find Avan's adorably awkwardness not that appealing as a leading man. This movie is more compelling coming from her side of the story. His side is much less compelling. His jealousy has foundation but lacks any appeal. Her inner conflict is the most compelling part of the story and it would be better to simply concentrate on that. Eve seems to be an interesting actress. I find that if it's a man's story, the wife would be a smaller two dimensional character. This should be Franny's story and Dan should be fine as a limited character.

Reviewed by Australian17 / 10

Oh, and....

Having Andie MacDowell as a "star" in this is misleading since she only appears for about 5 minutes once near the start and once nearer the end... Which was a disappointment for me as I expected her to have equal screen time as the young actors, more involved. Could have cast ANY actor for the part of the Mum for all the acting that was involved. Definitely not a feel good movie. It is NOT a RomCom as another review noted. Again, also as other review suggested, any young people contemplating marriage must watch this as a warning.

Reviewed by tinttehlyanwai5 / 10

Good one but ....

I am not sure I am the only one who don't know the end after watching the whole movie. I got the message what they want to give through the movie and get the same feeling if I were in the actress place. But I am not sure how to end the movie because there are a lot of what left in my mind after the movie such as How do the movie end ? What was the message that the director want to give in final scene ????

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