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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca4 / 10

Your usual single location thriller

PANIC BUTTON is another low budget 'single location' thriller about a group of people trapped in one place and forced to confront some unpalatable truths about themselves. Although much is made of the plane setting, the lack of a special effects budget means that this might as well be set anywhere: a train carriage, a cellar, you name it.

The film has much in common with your usual thriller in this mould and indeed one of the cast, Jack Gordon, would go on to be in the almost identical TRUTH OR DARE (which was much better, by the way). The usual problems unfold, namely poor scripting which takes the form of unlikeable cast members you either don't care about or actively wish bad stuff to happen to.

The low budget nature of the production precludes the presence of any name actors and the best they can come up with for a lead is a former EASTENDERS actress, Scarlett Alice Johnson. None of the actors are particularly bad, but they're not great either when saddled with such underwhelming characters. I appreciate that the emphasis is on the psychological here rather than unnecessary torture porn but the running time does drag and there's not much to get excited about when all is said and done.

Reviewed by cmovies-996748 / 10

Classic horror vibe

PROS: I really liked the ending. It was short, sweet, and to the point. And boy doesn't it make a point. It really restated what the director wanted to tell the audience. It was an actual resolution, which is what an ending should be. The goal is to resolve the "problem" that the movie presents, and it actually does that. The other thing I liked was how detailed the whole story was. Every corner you could've looked at it from was thought out and was fool proof. The killer in this film had those attributes. Every action the characters took fit into who they were. There was nothing that left big question marks which was masterful because therefore nothing took away from the fear of the movie.

CONS: There was nothing really frustrating with the movie. From time to time the acting was dull, but they were still amazing and delivered the same raw genuine emotion. The start was a little slow, maybe if the intensity took place, maybe even, 10 minutes earlier I think it would've cut out some unimportant material.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo6 / 10


First off Scarlett Alice Johnson is not the same as Scarlett Johansson.

Four young adults win a trip to NYC from a social networking web site. On board the plane they take part in a game, which quickly grows uncomfortable and has deadly consequences for mistakes. Dave is obnoxious and we learn likes kiddie porn and is a hot head. Jo is an alcoholic. Gwen is still a virgin and Max is a liar.

You have an unseen man with a voice distorter barking out orders. Jo is set up as the "Final Girl" as she is the only one we see before the airport. The film is fairly easy to predict...what task would you have a virgin do? Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

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