Pandora'nin Kutusu

2008 [TURKISH]


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Reviewed by slowboatmo8 / 10

a well-rounded movie that captures raw human emotion

For the first comment, you said only the french actress who played the role of the old lady does justice to this movie, I completely disagree. It seems like you put an excessive amount of emphasis on the development of characters as opposed to the storyline and meaning of the movie. First of all, Chelton is supposed to be the central character in this movie while all the other characters play the supporting role. So it goes without saying that she is obliged to outshine the other characters. In my opinion, this is a very well-rounded, touching movie with deep messages. It paints a balancing, beautiful portrait of life in both metropolitan and rural Turkey. It is one of the better foreign movies I have seen in recent years. Each character's performance is so real and down-to-earth that the whole movie feels like a real-life drama, albeit a profound one. One thing I want to add is that this movie never indulges in sexuality like many other foreign movies do so it elevates itself to a higher, more artistic level.

Reviewed by duelek6 / 10

Subtle Plot with Great Acting

Pandora's Box must be kept closed. Once it is opened nothing is the same anymore. When Nusret joins the lives of her children in a most unexpected way, the status quo balancing the relationships of the three siblings changes drastically. Apparently it is Nesrin, whose story we mainly watch. None of her relations as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a sister are in a healthy condition. But through the narrative we find out that she was and still is the most responsible one of the three siblings. Also she cares a lot for her son, who apparently studies in a costly private university. Compared to Güzin, who is already a pathetic looser, Nesrin should have been the more successful sister with her marriage and motherhood. But she has got an obsessive instinct for control, stemming from her feeling of perfectness. She doesn't lie like Güzin or she is hardworking and prudent unlike Mehmet. This righteousness ego even allows her to intrude into her son's private sphere, because what she does is the right thing and serves to the good of everyone in the last analysis. Murat is not an evil guy or something. His encounter with the thief on the street just reflects that he is a normal person just like everyone. He is afraid of violence and death. Probably in his early twenties, he just tries to escape and Mehmet's lodge is apparently a suitable hermitage. The cutest irony of the movie is the comfortable friendship of Murat with her grandmother he didn't know before. Named after her deceased husband, Nusret really enjoys asking Murat's name again and again. Finally she is happy to have her companion. Anyway the meaningless life in the city is not worth to live for Nusret, especially when she must be the prisoner in an apartment house surrounded by concrete or in a nursing home. Although being considered as useless by her mother, it is only Murat who realizes that Nusret deserves more than that. The story is full with sad things and a happy end is arguable. The Alzheimer theme is unpleasant for the audience and it reminds one the death of parents as well as one's own. Maybe the only remedy to feel happy right after watching this movie is to adopt Mehmet's nihilism.

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