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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sharued9 / 10

Must watch Movie

The feeling of watching a good movie after many days.

Good story and good screenplay. Director liju krishna succeeded in conveying the facts without distorting the film as it is a film discussing politics.

Nivin Pauly is very happy to have chosen a different role after a long time. No doubt this character will always be the talk of the town.

Mother and son love felt very emotional in a single moment. The love scenes were also very good.

Sunnywayne,shine tom chacko also handled their roles well.

There is no doubt that the other actors handled their roles beautifully.

Govind vasantha had done his background score well and the song had a good feel.

Although there are some new characters in the film, it is certain that some will not be forgotten so soon.

My country is my soil.

Reviewed by psychhelp8 / 10

Spirited dialogues, and an okay story.

I haven't liked Nivin's film since 2017, and there were films that makes one feel like he has forgotten acting. However, this film is different, it is much fair. In this story and the scenes, I believe the actor just had to act, cause everything else went like a clockwork along with it. Supporting actors were also good. His mother's sister and the old guys (I wish someone would add their names too) were really good. I wish Shammi's character was a bit more menacing, then the drama might have been a bit more fatty. Also, thanks for not making the film super political and for not signalling any parties messages, thanks for using plot devices solely for storytelling. Thanks for telling the messages of grit through the person rather than using a political party. A much appreciative work and wouldn't have hurt if more elements of grit from the protagonist and personal viciousness from villans were added. I didn't know that LK was one of those who abused people for personal fun. I know a lot who does, and a lot of then who keeps Vaashi films explanation of abusive laws close to their heart and have formed it as the legitimate basis for abusing more people.

Reviewed by Jithindurden8 / 10

True depiction of Indian politics

Padavettu depicts the essence of Indian politics through the struggles of a rural village and a protagonist who rises up to the occasion after living the longest time in his own failures. The film brilliantly draws out the characters, their existence in the land and the different sides of politics very clearly.

All the characters are very flawed in their own ways which are also very realistic and relatable. I've seen other films that have shown similar character arcs like that of Nivin in this film. But what made this really different is that there were many moments in this film where in another film it would be a point where he starts doing something different. But here, his fears and doubts are given so much focus all the while he arrogantly walks away from everything he should be facing. It felt so real and raw that he took this much time to do something and even when he does something it doesn't change everything immediately. The time taken for the transition made it feel very real.

Talking about the politics of the film, on one side there are genuine politicians who are still in the trappings of being a politician with decades of political culture that still drags down their ideologies. They do the work in the way they know and are comfortable with. Which is not really that great for the common people at first glance. On the other side, there are those who see this as the opportunity to rise up and take the power using the power they have with money, ultimately aiming to make even more money. These businessmen may not only use sweet words and investments into the people like the movie says loud but also uses various methods to create a divide between the people to their own benefit.

It's also worth noting that this film also uses the myths of the land like Theyyam at times and even wild boars like the recent Kannada film Kantara even though this doesn't really have any mystical element in this and uses them as metaphors that are motivating.

The plot is not really anything new to Malayalam cinema. But the way the different aspects are explored in the movie makes it one of the best attempts to use this plot. But the biggest positive of the movie being the exploration of those aspects ends up as the negative too in a way. When the movie ends and says to be continued, it really feels like half a movie that ended at a great interval punch. There are a lot of characters that are only explored enough as in the first half of a movie and need more exploration. The politics, as strong as the movie depicted it, could only be completed with the rest of the story. With the not-so-great box office collection and other issues in the background of the film, that doesn't look too hopeful.

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