Pack of Lies


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Teri Garr as Helen Schaefer
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Ellen Burstyn as Barbara Jackson
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Alan Bates as Stewart
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Clive Swift as Ellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by moonspinner555 / 10

Despite a solid dramatic premise, overwrought and overacted...

Television adaptation of Hugh Whitemore's play about an older British couple in a suburb of London circa 1961 learning from the police that their best friends of three years--a Canadian couple who live across the road--may be involved with a notorious Russian spy. Not-bad "Hallmark Hall of Fame" production is a bare-bones dramatic presentation coasting on the performances of its cast, with the emphasis on Ellen Burstyn as the otherwise-friendless housewife who feels betrayed by chatty, lively neighbor Teri Garr. Garr is working seriously here, but there's too many close-ups of her looking puzzled, asking the same redundant questions; Burstyn fares a bit better, even if her accent comes and goes (which can be overlooked). Still, Ellen's character deteriorates under the pressure of falsehood far too soon (everyone, at some point, becomes a liar in this teleplay--a gimmick that is heightened in the dialogue but, thankfully, not underscored too strenuously). The downbeat conclusion--and the two useless melodramatic tags--is unsatisfying, as is Alan Bates' role (and over-the-top performance) as a British agent. Worth-seeing for the intriguing first-half, but the hysteria which follows feels canned.

Reviewed by whpratt110 / 10

This Film Made Me Angry

This is an excellent film because of great acting skills by all of the actors and especially Ellen Burstyn,(Barbara Jackson),"Down in the Valley",'05 and Teri Garr,(Helen Schaefer),"The Sky Is Falling",'2000. The story takes place in London, England at the home of Barbara Jackson, who lives across the street from her good friend, Helen Schaefer. Helen plays an attractive blonde gal who is full of pep and very outgoing in her personality and tries to liven up her good friend Barbara, by getting her to purchase a sexy nightie for her self and husband and befriends her daughter. One day a complete stranger comes to the home of the Jackson's and disrupts their entire household and causes problems you will never believe could actually happen and I am sure it did in real life situations. I knew that this film was well produced and directed and the acting was outstanding, simply because it made me so Mad at people who would actually let this happen to their family and life without telling them WHERE TO GET OFF ! Enjoy

Reviewed by atlasmb6 / 10

Somewhat Disappointing

Based on a true story, this television movie makes a lot of promises to the viewer, with its stellar cast, layers of intrigue, and a tremendous build-up to the finale. But there is little payoff.

Ellen Burstyn (Barbara Jackson) bears most of the emotional burden for this film, and she delivers a wallop of a performance. Much of the tension created can be attributed to her delivery of a demanding role. Emotionally, she is the hair trigger that threatens to explode, gaining intensity as the story progresses.

The narrative is about friendship versus duty. Set during the Cold War, British authorities suspect that a mysterious stranger may be an agent for another country. They impose on some average folks, invoking rules about silence and compliance that put great stress on everyone.

While watching, I was weighing various resolutions that might play out, most more dramatic than the actual ending of the film, which was only a letdown because my expectations had been raised so highly by the quality of the acting and the story.

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