Over the Moon in Love


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Jessica Lowndes as Brooklyn Moore
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Miranda Frigon as Stephanie Carlton
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Wes Brown as Devin Knight
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Loretta Walsh as Heather Clarkson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ukheather2 / 10

Worst hallmark ever.

Worst hallmark I've ever seen.

Spoiler: Why if you have 100% rate for matching people would you agree to match the guy that clearly isn't a match and literally force them together? Absolutely stupid.

You like him, he clearly likes you and you match them with someone who can't even talk to him?

Then faking the voice of her on the phone??? How could your not hear that it was your friend?

Let's ruin my business rating for this woman rather than saying "if you want my service I'll set you up. He isn't your match", seeing as she said about her method and tingles etc.

Feeding lines as she can't talk to him as they aren't a match is such bs,

Annoying rubbish film and I love hallmark movies.

Seriously avoid this one.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird3 / 10

Noot over the moon in love with this

Have always found Wes Brown very likeable and watchable, he has been in his fair share of misfires but he has more often than not been a redeeming quality in them. Am however not a fan of Jessica Lowndes, another Hallmark regular but one of my least favourite leading ladies, whose acting range strikes me as rather limited with more of the same characters and not much emotional variety. Hallmark did do some good films in 2019 ('Love and Sunshine').

'Over the Moon in Love' for me wasn't one of them. Actually consider it one of the weakest and of the 2019 Fall Harvest films (a very low number this year) it's probably the worst. Due to, as others have said, it not feeling like a Fall Harvest film, am actually not sure what seasonal blocking to place it under because there isn't much of a feel of any of them in my view. Maybe very vaguely Summer Nights, but am putting emphasis on very vaguely.

Brown works very hard in making his character work and does somehow manage to give an amiable and subtly charming performance, which couldn't have been easy. Which says a lot about him as an actor.

The scenery is also very nice, Hallmark nearly always delivered in this regard. As is the music, which didn't feel like it was intruding and isn't too constant. The vocal talents of Lowndes and Brown can be heard and they are both pretty good singers.

However, the rest of the acting was poor. Especially Lowndes, who again plays a character that is basically a variation of the type of role she typically plays and does so with rather one-note expression and no nuance. Also found her character annoying and not interesting in the least. 'Over the Moon in Love' even manages to waste Miranda Frigon, a more than capable actress in a role not right for her and she tries too hard in it. Didn't find myself invested in any of the characters, Brown's had his moments but even then he is not that well developed. There is no chemistry between Lowndes and Brown, which is too forced to begin with and then becomes as damp as a squib.

Excepting the scenery, 'Over the Moon in Love' has a rushed look. Even the Hallmark films made during the pandemic looked more professional. The editing especially has a choppy look and the opening is like high school level filming. The script is awkward and goes well overboard on the cheese factor, so many lines that made me cringe and the backing and forthing feels overdone. The story is wafer thin and is predictable and contrived when there is signs of any, and strains credibility to the absolute limit and beyond. Especially in the final third, which is thin in the conflict, feels contrived and then ends too tidily.

In conclusion, very weak. 3/10.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle6 / 10


Brooklyn Moore (Jessica Lowndes) has always had the knack of making the perfect match. Devin Knight (Wes Brown) is her awkward school friend. It's twelves years later. She has a matchmaking business called "Over the Moon in Love" in San Francisco, but she has never made a match for herself. Devin re-enters her life after losing touch. Stephanie Carlton holds the potential for a big magazine cover but she wants to get set up by Brooklyn. She's taken with Devin and demands to be set up with him.

Oh hey! Jessica Lowndes actually wrote this herself. I won't be too mean. This is fine. Hallmark does not set a high bar. It doesn't inspire me to follow her writing career. She does need to learn to write a meet-cute for her rom-com leads. They could meet in high school with his dental headgear getting caught in her hair. He just needs to be a big nerd whom she never sees coming. Maybe he gets picked on and she comes to his rescue. I do like the Cyrano de Bergerac aspect but the final pairing is never in doubt. Non of this is in doubt. It's a very safe Hallmark flick.

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