Out of the Shadows: The Man Behind the Steele Dossier



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by davyshoe1 / 10

Not looking good with the court case going on just now

I wonder if this so called doc will be used in the court case going on now seeing it was all bought and paid for by Kilary.

Steele for some reason so far has not been pulled into the court case or maybe hes one of the flipped ones.

Reviewed by jrdn-wms3 / 10

this will always be confusing to me

The entire premise starts in 2007 when Trump wanted to buy a hotel in Russia and have a beauty pageant there. And then it whizzes past a decade until Trump is the final Republican candidate in a bid for presidency. A former MI6 guy who says he is a Russia expert steps in and says "wait a minute. I know what's happening here. Russia used to be the USSR. Putin is this guy who poisons people. Russian trolls buy ads on Facebook. Trump Russia Putin America". It feels like a meandering story rather than anything coherent.

No matter what, I will never get past that Trump progressed past 12 other Republican candidates in the year leading up to the final vote. Every time I hear the story begin a decade before and then when it glosses over the 12 other Republican candidates, that is where I get lost in this fiction.

In my mind, when the Republican candidates began their campaigns the least plausible candidate was Trump. I wrote him off day 1. But, hey, it happened. The most damage was the massive blowback beginning with this dossier.

Steele a patriot? Hardly. I feel a little bad for him that he got stuck where he did. I didn't read his dossier but I assume he laid out some bullet points and then Clinton threw it over the fence and let American media talk about it... forever. My only thought going into the polls was if Trump wins, I will not go a day for the next 4 years without hearing and reading his name- which came true, btw.

The whole ordeal was a disruption caused by hysteria.

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