Out of the Blue


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Virginia Mayo Photo
Virginia Mayo as Deborah Tyler
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Carole Landis as Mae Earthleigh
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George Brent as Arthur Earthleigh
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Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

How many times can Olive die in one movie?!

This film stars George Brent, Turhan Bey, Virginia Mayo, Ann Dvorak and Carol Landis. The Earthleigh family (Brent and Landis) are a couple very annoying people. Mrs. Earthleigh is highly annoyed by everything and is as much fun as jock itch. Mr. Earthleigh is a wimp and puts up with his wife's bully behavior towards him as well as their neighbor, Mr Galleo (Bey). She insists that Galleo MUST get rid of his dog and sics her husband and their lawyer on the guy.

One day, Mrs. Earthleigh leaves to go on a trip. When she's gone, her husband meets a very strange alcoholic, Olive (Dvorak) and she follows him home and WON'T leave no matter how hard he tries. Eventually, she appears to have died and falls onto Galleo's property! Well, Earthleigh can't find this narcoleptic alcoholic...and later Galleo decides to pretend he found this lady DEAD on his terrace...and enlists Earthleigh to 'dump the body'. Galleo knows there is no body but figures this is a chance to blackmail Earthleigh into dropping his lawsuit and letting him keep his dog. What's next? Well, Olive appears to die several more times and suddenly lots of people are being accused of killing her!

This is a cute little comedy and I might have scored this very original film higher had Dvorak's performance been a bit less broad and silly. Subtle definitely would have worked better...but it still worked and is a cute little situation comedy. Worth seeing.

Reviewed by bkoganbing5 / 10

A one joke stretch

Out Of The Blue is a one note joke stretch of a comedy. Ann Dvorak got a lot of mileage out of stretching the fact she drinks like a fish and has an uncanny knack for passing out at the wrong time and place.

Which in this case is the terrace of George Brent and Carole Landis's apartment in Greenwich Village. Brent is cast against type as a henpecked fussbudget and at Landis's strong urging they dump the body on the terrace of another apartment, that of Bohemian artist Turhan Bey. That starts a round of complication as a pair of old maid neighbors Elizabeth Patterson and Julia Dean.spot her unconscious dead drunk body and think it's the real deal.

If you remember in Rear Window, the housebound James Stewart took up voyeurism was looking at all his neighbors apartments until he spotted something he thought odd. It's the same premise for Out Of The Blue only Patterson and Dean do it full time.

As for Bey's situation his main model Virginia Mayo would like to get a permanent commitment from him.

The film is amusing in spots, but Dvorak gets so downright annoying I might have just killed her for real. Hopefully there's AA in this woman's future.

Reviewed by boblipton4 / 10

Screwball On Its Last Legs

Carole Landis lets comedian-spectacled George Brent fend for himself for one evening. He goes to a restaurant, meets Ann Dvorak, takes her home, and gets into all sorts of trouble with Miss Landis, neighbor Turhan Bey, and Bey's dog, Flame. Virginia Mayo is also present.

The dog is well served in this late screwball comedy. In the late 1930s, Warner Brothers turned out a bunch of programmers and B comedies more noted for their frantic speed and innuendo than for doing anything particularly funny. With this one, former Warners B producer Bryan Foy essays more of the same, with similar, tired results.

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