Out of Exile


Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright75%
IMDb Rating5.610112

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Ryan Merriman as Agent Brett Solomon
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Peter Greene as Whitman Rader
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Hayley McFarland as Dawn Russell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darkseverin9 / 10

A generic bank robbery drama with a bit of flavor add to it!!!

This film is your generic bank robbery thriller but it does add a little flavor itself with a plot of about a man finding a way to redeem himself for his past transgressions while also trying to find a way to escape his criminal lifestyle before it is too late. This kinda of plot is a little different compared most bank robbery films as they are usually about guys trying to make it rich while escaping the law. This film does it differently as Gabe is trying get out of his previous bad deeds but also move on with his life and start a new one with his estranged daughter. Now I did enjoy the performances by Adam Hampton and Ryan Merriman both, I liked the story that Gabe had in this film as he is broken man that has paid for his mistakes by serving prison but due to not knowing life outside of crime, he goes right back into it. It is only when his brother botches the bank job and kills an armored bank guard does he see the errors of his ways. This story of Gabe is really a story of redemption and rebirth. As he tries to redeem himself from his sins by trying to fix all of the issues that he caused plus he plans to get himself a rebirth by starting a whole new life without crime involved. Now Adam's performance is very strong in this film and you can tell that he truly embraced the character that he is acting as. Which I very well enjoyed. Now Ryan Merriman may have just had the best performance of his career in this film. As Merriman usually is an actor who casted in very small time b Rated films or horror movies and isn't really take serious as a A-listed actor. But his performance in this movie was quite impressive as he plays an intimidating and cunning FBI agent very well. In fact as audience member I was blown away with how convincing his performance was as he looked intimidating onscreen which is incredible to say given Merriman's previous work. But hopefully this film may open the door for Ryan Merriman to have more serious and A-graded roles in the future. Now the one problem that I had with the movie was its ending as I felt it was a little too dark and depressing especially after the redemption arc that the story takes you on plus the ending is one of the those open ended cliffhangers that make you have to have own interpretation. I don't mind open ended films if they are necessary, I just didn't think that this film needed an open ended ending and should have had a more grounded and solid structured ending instead. But that is just my critique and opinion on the film. Overall though I had a decent fun time with this film and I could definitely see myself watching it again.

Reviewed by NateWatchesCoolMovies10 / 10


I love a good cops & robbers thriller with a splash of heist action and Kyle Kauwika Harris 's Out Of Exile is just the ticket. Set against the backdrop of both the Oklahoma law enforcement and criminal underworld scene, it tells of paroled ex-con Gabriel (Adam Hampton) taking on scores to provide a better life for his daughter and resolute FBI agent Solomon (Ryan Merriman) who is determined to take him and his crew down, while also doing right by his own family. Gabriel works under the behest, intel and malevolent watch of underworld boss Whitman Rader, played by the always amazing Peter Greene in one of the meatiest, most memorably evil roles he's gotten in quite sometime. I love a crime film where the lines of what we perceive as morality are purposefully blurred until there is no discernible 'good or bad', just people in tough situations making impossible choices and living with the consequences, or dying with them. This is a taut, ruthlessly tense action picture with shootouts, bullet wounds and hand to hand combat that feels heavy, realistic and brutal. Hampton brings a harried, soulful quality and formidable physicality to his role, you believe this guy's fortitude in his goals and feel every agonizing thing go wrong alongside him every step of the way, until the final hauntingly ambiguous beat to his character arc. The supporting performances are all solidly intense, with Greene being the standout he usually is as an absolute snake and the last guy you'd want bankrolling your operation, even throwing in a subtle yet noticeable reference to his Usual Suspects character, who was also a fence. Director Harris has a feel for hard hitting action, bluntly profane real-world dialogue and uses a nervy, darkly ambient score by Corey Perschbacher to accent his action in high style. I am reminded of John Hillcoat's woefully underrated cops & robbers flick Triple 9 here, both this and that have a poetically melancholic, downbeat, almost noir emotional and atmospheric vernacular in the best possible way. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by tommybjean1 / 10

Trite and Underwhelming.

I rented this on release. Overall the film is trite. I found myself losing interest several times because it tended to drag in spots. I feel it could have been cut down shorter. The Protagonist Gabriel comes across as an aloof delivering an incredibly underwhelming performance. This could be perhaps the Actor seemingly more befitting as a Character Actor than a leading man. The brother Wes was a hot headed Veteran with ptsd. As a Veteran myself this was ridiculous. Stereotypes surrounding mental illness such as ptsd and the way this was portrayed was one dimensional and stereotypical of the "Dangerous" unhinged Veteran. The Character lacked depth and I found myself watching an Actor attempting to act mental illness and pop pills. His physicality came across more like someone on Cocaine then living with the challenges of ptsd. I didn't believe it. The Antagonist played by Peter Greene as Whitman Rader kept this film afloat. His Character came across gritty and believable. I found myself wanting to see him more as his Character was interesting. Had it not been for him I would have turned it off. Overall the film is nothing new. The plot, the heist story we've been fed many times before. However, if you are going to give it to me make it worth my investment of $6.99. If you're bored and can find nothing else to watch then add this to your list of disposable forgettable content being put out. Out of Exile gets 1 Star. I debated giving it 2, but just couldn't get over the stupid unbelievable Character Wes.

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