Our Hospitality


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Buster Keaton as Willie McKay - 21 Years Old
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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho10 / 10


In the Nineteenth Century, there is a feud between the McKay and Canfield families in the country of the United States of America. When John McKay is killed, his wife sends their one years old baby Willie to New York to be raised by her sister. Twenty years later, Willie McKay (Buster Keaton) returns to claim for his family state. Along the train travels, he meets a young lady and they fall in love for each other. However, she is the youngest Canfield and her family has not forgotten the quarrel against the McKays.

"Our Hospitality" is amazing even in the present days. Without use of computer, as the present generation has accustomed to see on the screen, Buster Keaton participates of fantastic timing scenes using his physical capability, such as in the waterfall, or in the train water-tank. Further, there is a very interesting scenario, showing the crossroad between Broadway and Forty-Second Streets in New York based on a 1830 painting. Willie's dog, his bicycle and the funny train are other attractions of this great movie. My vote is ten.

Title (Brazil): "Nossa Hospitalidade" ("Our Hospitality")

Reviewed by MartinHafer10 / 10

Wonderful, but a different type of Buster Keaton film

This is one of the most unusual films of the independent years of Buster Keaton's career. While I loved the film (every minute of it),the film seemed less like a Keaton film and actually reminded me a lot of one of Harold Lloyd's best films, THE KID BROTHER. That's because both were period pieces set in the 19th century and both seemed to place more emphasis on character development than physical humor or gags. While I love the physical humor in his films like STEAMBOAT BILL JUNIOR, I really loved the gentle and sweet nature of this film as well. This film also seemed much more like a work of art--a simply magnificent looking film with exceptional cinematography and costumes. Also, the film focused much more on characterizations than stunts--and it's done in such a marvelous way that you won't be disappointed. In addition, while not a central focus of the film, watching the 1830-style train in the first portion of the film was a real treat.

See this and be amazed that Keaton could make a slightly slower-paced yet terrific film--one of his best yet also one of his most forgotten films. A must-see for lovers of silent cinema. Not just a great comedy but a great film.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle7 / 10

Some fun, some great stunts

It's about 1810. The Canfields and the McKays are feuding clans. John McKay is killed and his wife moves with her infant son Willie to NYC to live with her sister. After his mother's death, Willie (Buster Keaton) is raised by his aunt without any knowledge of the feud. He returns to Rockville to reclaim his inheritance. He meets Virginia Canfield (Natalie Talmadge, Buster's real-life wife) on the train. She invites him over as her family keeps trying to kill him.

The rickety old train is fascinating and extremely cool. The story is fun. The family trying to kill him is pretty funny especially when he figures it out. Keaton being scared is hilarious. There are some good stunts. There are some that seem much more dangerous than exciting. Then there is the waterfall dumping on him. The rock climbing looks scary especially when they're not on a set. There is a terrific waterfall rescue at the end that is more in line with an expert trapeze act. The movie has some fun and lots of stunts which is the hallmark of Keaton.

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