Other People's Children

2022 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama

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Virginie Efira as Rachel Friedmann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LyceeM169 / 10

Beautiful film-lead actress is vulnerable and perfect

I watched this at Sundance online. This film is so relatable for women who are struggling with the emotions and practicalities of thinking about perhaps having a child before it is too late. I too fell in love with a man with a child and I can imagine the devastation of losing both at once- along with the life one thought was one's own. The acting by. Efira is vulnerable and beautiful and assured. The young daughter is beyond endearing. The director shared in the Q and A that her life had some parallels with that of the lead character - and moreover that she found herself pregnant during the making of the film. Wiseman's cameo and Mastroianni's roles are unexpected additions. The music-esp Waters of March- is a delight. Bravo! I cant imagine this film not unlocking the emotions of viewers despite the fact that some parts of the plot were predictable..

Reviewed by AvionPrince167 / 10

Fear of woman and worries about to have children

I found the film very sensual and intimate. We enter the life of Rachel, Ali and their fears as well as their fears. Rachel is a woman whose private life is unveiled and her intimacy (shots of her naked that I appreciated and found funny when she finds herself naked in the balcony). We understand that she has difficulty having a child and that she would like to have one (problem that any woman can experience one day in her life). And suddenly, she meets Ali (I find the relationship Viriginie Effira and Roschdy Zem fusional and very credible on screen). On the other hand, I found Rachel's attachment to Leila quite brief and the subtlety of their relationship is not entirely explicit enough, which makes it a fairly superficial relationship and this woman's desire to have a child. The film was more centered on Rachel and Ali, each of whom will express their fears and fears (Rachel and the lack she feels when she sees Leila). I found Ali also interesting but not central because it is clear that it is more Rachel's story. What more can be said? Except that I had a good time with them and shared their intimacy. Whether it is with the gynecologist, Leila or Ali, we have neither more nor less the fears and fears of a woman of not being able to have a child as well as her attachment to Leila which will not last. And also the separation with Ali. There was also Rachel's relationship with one of her students, but it is quite futile and superfluous in the central theme of the film: the woman. A film that I was able to appreciate as a man and the different moments of intimacy create a fairly instant closeness with Rachel. Touching movie. Movie that I recommend.

Reviewed by chenp-547086 / 10

Simple Story With A Strong Lead Performance

Saw this at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival

"Other People's Children" is a story about a childless woman forms a deep bond with her boyfriend's young daughter. This is director Rebecca Zlotowski fifth feature film and I have seen two of her previous works which are "Planetarium" and "An Easy Girl". Planetarium was really bad and An Easy Girl was pretty good. Here, Zlotowski provides good direction and wholesome scenarios despite having a predictable narrative. Various films about childless woman, romance and bonding had been explored before and for the most part, despite a few different approaches on the subject, it was mainly simple.

Many of the romance movements and motivations were basic and pretty standard for a typical French romance story. What makes the film still interesting was the direction, beautiful production and designs and a strong performance from the main lead actress Virginie Efira. Efira's performance was incredible as she captures every emotion from her character and has good chemistry with Roschdy Zem. The two lead performances helped to give a certain charm between the two characters and helped to make them pretty interesting. The child actor was also pretty good and adorable.

Besides a simple story, there were some moments that didn't do for me as some of the soundtrack choices were a little off-putting and some of the pacing could have used some work. With the main characters, there were side characters that felt a little out of place or underdeveloped that I wish could have been explored a little more. However, despite being predictable, I was still able to connect with the movie emotionally and still be invested with what is happening around them. I appreciate Rebecca Zlotowski approaching this story with a different point of view and I do look forward what she has to offer next.

Rating: B-

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