One Way


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Kevin Bacon as Asshole / Fred Sr.
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Travis Fimmel as Will
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle4 / 10

somewhat tedious

Freddy Sullivan (Colson Baker) is in trouble. He stole a bag full of cash and drugs from criminal boss Victoria Menendez (Drea de Matteo). He's been shot. He boards a late night bus to get out of town. Fred Sullivan Sr. (Kevin Bacon) is his criminal father.

This is trying to be a crime noir. Colson Baker aka Machine Gun Kelly does fine. Mostly, I felt struck on the bus with the guy. I do get the possibility of building tension within a closed space. This one feels much more tedious and it doesn't work. It has to be the writing. I'm also not sure about the directions. It ends up feeling tiresome.

Reviewed by degrees-333651 / 10

Why Kevin?? Why!?!

You can tell that this is going to blow w/in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Whoever was responsible for editing and cinematography here really dropped the ball - and/or is straight out of film school. It is SO poorly shot and edited that it's hard to take seriously.

I am scared to see that Kevin Bacon is in this pile.... I really don't want him to go down the road with Bruce Willis and Nick Cage and do any movie that will pay $50 and a free breakfast. Let's hope Kevin did it because he knew someone on the production or because he was stoned out of his mind when he read the script.

This was a truly, truly underwhelming film in every possible regard.

Reviewed by imseeg5 / 10

One going nowhere...

The good: they tried to make something exciting and thrilling although they utterly failed at that.

The bad: the story. The story is just not credible and kinda tedious, however much they have tried to make it look thrilling, the story is an empty shell.

How long can I stay interested in a character travelling on a bus. ONLY if he were a great actor, this movie could have had some merit, but now it has none.

The actors aint bad, but definitely not great either. Kevin Bacon is a great actor and he does perform well (as usual) but he cant save this movie.

The story: a criminal has fled on a bus and now other criminals are chasing him. Lots of talk talk talk, little to none thrilling action.

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