One Piece Film: Gold


Action / Adventure / Animation / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Fresh67%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright82%
IMDb Rating7.1105341

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Christopher Sabat Photo
Christopher Sabat as Roronoa Zoro
Vic Mignogna Photo
Vic Mignogna as Sabo
Daman Mills Photo
Daman Mills as Tanaka
Keith Silverstein Photo
Keith Silverstein as Gild Tesoro
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by electrovator10 / 10

Current Favorite One Piece Movie

So it's been a while since I reviewed a One Piece movie, and a lot has changed. Watched the entirety of the show 5 times, I've read and am caught up on the manga, and I still love absolutely everything about the series.

My review for this movie is changing because the first time I watched this movie was with REALLY bad subs, but I can now confidently say this is the best One Piece movie to date. Dare I say it, even better than Stampede, cause at the least the first half of this one wasn't rushed.

The reason this film stands above all the others for me is because it told a much more interesting story than the others, with a villian who's so cool he ranks as my number 3 One Piece villian despite being non-canon. (1st is Katakuri, 2nd is Doflamingo).

Tesoro's ability is so unique yet simple and the way he uses it makes watching Luffy fight him all the more interesting.

I won't say anymore but I can't recommend this movie enough.

Reviewed by matt_zxy8 / 10

Great Story!!

Amazing storyline and i like the plot twist. Lack of some characters development, but doesn't really matters, since there are not really important. Only 1 thing got no explanation, why tesoro asking 10 navy ships when they end up attacking him and also i did not remember any comedy in this movie because the original one piece has a lot.

Overall, this movie was very enjoyable to watch if we look at the storyline, caused you will not expecting what will happen.

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius9 / 10

I enjoyed this movie

I would avoid what critics have to say on this, as it is clearly a movie for fans of the series. There a blink and you miss it cameos from past villains in the series and call ups of events that took place more recently in the One Piece story. Now you don't need to know all that to see this movie, Though it will make the experience better as it builds the giant vegas like country ship they are on as being a believable destination for anyone. Now with that said this movie brings the Straw Hats to an interesting adventure with all the silliness you expect from Luffy and crew. The Villain in this one has an interesting Devil fruit and is given a back story as to why he covets money so much, and what made him be the way he is, as well as introducing a character from Nami's past which gives you a good connection with the characters overall. Now it does follow the formula you expect with a one piece movie at this point. Strawhats show up, have fun, bad guy shows up, they get beat, then they win. Overall it is an enjoyable One Piece movie, with a villain with a cool power and some side bad guys that are interesting and just has the right amount of silly and action. Any Fan of one piece should go out an see this while they can.

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