2017 [KOREAN]

Action / Crime / Drama

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Woo-jin Jo as Prosecutor Won
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hwdsyang10 / 10

Smart and real Korean heist movie

Good script, good act, realistic production design. An outstanding film that reflects reality. Although it was not a big hit due to poor marketing, I am looking forward to the director's next film. The director's future is expected with an insightful perspective to entertainment films.

Reviewed by mstr_bateman5 / 10

Distastefully materialistic movie about scammers

Many Korean movies remind me of copies of American movies from the 80s, when "greed is good" was still thought of as a cool slogan and capitalism and materialism were all the rage. Today we all know where that mindset led to, so it's kind of hard to feel interest in watching the protagonists scam their own people and stab one another in the backs in order to enrich themselves. Stacks of money, luxury goods and cars are flaunted, but this stuff hardly elicits any excitement anymore, it just comes across as tasteless. There is a bit of a superficial, luke-warm message that all this stuff is bad and messes up society, but it never addresses the bigger picture or goes after the entire system. There is no depth and no idealism, it remains completely materialistic. The story is also pretty boring as well and none of the characters are very interesting.

Reviewed by yoggwork6 / 10

Easy movie

Easy movie. Although there are many bugs in the plot, there are some elements: beauty, funny, turning point.

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