On the 3rd Day

2021 [SPANISH]

Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies4 / 10

There's something here

Cecilia (Mariana Anghileri) has had a car accident - colliding with Enrique (Gerardo Romano) who is delivering a mysterious package - and even three days afterward, she finds herself wandering a lonely road seeking her son, who disappeared in the aftermath. She soon learns that she's being accused of kidnapping her child and another accident that evening by her ex-husband Fernando (Diego Cremonesi) and Inspector Ventura (Osvaldo Santoro). Meanwhile, Dr. Hernán (Lautaro Delgado) tries to use hypnosis to help her remember exactly what happened that night.

Coming from Argentina - the home of films like Terrified and The Curious Dr. Humpp - and filmmaker Daniel de la Vega, this film is full of moody dread and palpable loss. Helping it along the way are the score by Luciano Onetti (who is part of the Onetti Brothers who made Francesca and Abrakadabra) as well as cinematographer Mariano Suárez's (Daemonium: Soldier of the Underworld) eye guiding the camera.

As Cecelia tries to piece together the last three days, Enrique the priest who she was in the accident with is still looking for the ancient Catholic relic that was lost in the wreckage and will do anything to get it back.

It starts off slow, but stick with it. There's something here, even if it isn't perfect. Daniel de la Vega seems like someone who is going to keep putting out interesting horror, so I'll keep watching his film.

Reviewed by lathe-of-heaven5 / 10

Good stylistic try, but ultimately just does not quite work...

I'm afraid that I agree with the 2 other reviews here (at this point) I did give it a '5', which is generous, for the nice lighting and at least the EFFORT to create a good Gothic mood.

When I saw Del Toro films in the intro I was very hopeful, because Guillermo Del Toro is indeed one of my VERY favourite living directors. BUT... sadly, for some odd reason the story just did not want to gel in an effective way. The elements by themselves and especially the VERY effective mystery created from the beginning certainly seemed to promise a strong, Gothic film. But, and I'm not really sure why, it simply just did not come together in an effective way.

The visuals were very good, I really liked the lighting, the soundtrack, and even the acting was pretty decent across the board (with the one exception of the dopey policeman - I don't know WHERE the hell they dug him up) But, this is just one of those rather mysterious cases where you can't quite tell exactly what went wrong or precisely what the filmmakers did badly, since I feel taken in segments, the story seemed like it SHOULD have been very good. It's not like you can say, 'Oh, the acting is really bad', or 'The writing was poorly done', or 'The direction could have been done better' The reason is kind of uncertain as to why this didn't exactly work. The overall mood and atmosphere was created well. There was a palpable sense of Mystery right from the beginning which effectively draws the audience in, making them wonder what is going on. Even the ending was indeed surprising and not predictable at all. It SOUNDS like it should have worked, but somehow it really didn't...

The only thing I can come up with is a GUESS that perhaps just the way the story was plotted, or the pacing, or maybe the way the events were ordered. I honestly couldn't say.

I mean, the look and mood of the film was most definitely Del Toro, absolutely. But, ultimately the story just didn't work. So, I can't honestly recommend this movie despite its nice look and atmosphere. Perhaps there may be some people who are able to appreciate it more so at some level. But, like I've mentioned, to me personally, for some mysterious reason it just was not that effective.

Reviewed by syldt14 / 10


For a movie that features some big heavyweights from the Argentinian acting scene, this movie feels incredibly amateurish.

The narrative is disjointed and jumbled, and the movie is edited with no sense of cointinuity, the story (nothing new or surprising to begin with) feels like a succession of unrelated scenes.

There are plenty of random oniric-like sequences peppered with fx that look like something from a 60's B horror movie, but not in a good way.

Furthermore, there's little to no explanation for anything that the protagonists do, they just wander from one scene to the next doing things because the script demands it (minor spoiler: ten minutes into the movie and just after a quick exchange between them, the doctor decides to take his patient to... a psychic? Why was he so eager to help her, in the first place?. De-rigueur hypnotism session ensues and we have a glimpse into what the big reveal is going to be, and boy, is so cliche and trite, and done with the subtlety and technical prowess of an elementary school play).

Acting, maybe with the exception of Gerardo Romano and the two cameo-length appearances by Arturo Bonín and Rodolfo Ranni, is mediocre.

It could have been a little scary B horror movie with a 60's feel to it, but it ended up being almost like a satire.

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